Product Suggestion Guidelines

We’re all about helping you find the perfect swimsuit and beachwear for summer fun. As bikini lovers ourselves, we know how daunting it can be to shop for that ideal suit online when you can’t try it on first. That’s why transparency is so important to us in reviewing & recommending the latest swimwear collections.

Our experienced team dives deep (pun intended!) to analyze and compare every aspect of the products we review. We assess factors like quality of materials, construction and durability, fit and coverage, design and style, comfort, and functionality. Customer feedback is also essential – we compile ratings and comments from real buyers to get the full picture.

While data and testing give us objective insights, we also recognize that personal preferences matter when finding that perfect bikini. Our recs highlight the key pros and cons of each product so you can determine if it’s the right match for your body type, lifestyle, priorities and budget. We want your purchase to leave you feeling confident and beach ready!

How We selects Bathing Suits

The Hunt

Finding the best swimsuits starts with an exhaustive hunt to identify potential products to evaluate. We thoroughly comb through new arrivals and bestsellers from both emerging indie brands and established swimwear companies.

Our goal is to curate a diverse selection of styles, trends, sizes, and price points so we can provide helpful reviews for every body type and budget. We hand-pick an extensive array of tops and bottoms across multiple categories to showcase the breadth of options available.

The Analysis

Once potential products are selected, our reviewers conduct in-depth analysis and inspection.

We carefully examine the following parts (including but not limited to):

  • Materials
  • Construction techniques,
  • Durability,
  • Stitching and seams,
  • Sizing and fit consistency,
  • Coverage and support levels,
  • Drying time,
  • Chlorine resistance.

Every detail is scrutinized side-by-side to identify pros and cons. For things we can’t assess hands-on, we consult technical specifications, materials data, and manufacturing details provided by brands & experts.

The Feedback

While in-house tests and product analysis provide quantitative insights, we also place immense value on qualitative data from real customers. Our team compiles and studies ratings, reviews, fit pics, and feedback from various online & offline sources.

This helps us gain real-world perspectives on comfort, how flattering the suits are on different figures, sizing accuracy, and any potential issues not evident from product specs alone. We aggregate the subjective experiences of everyday wearers to spotlight common sentiments.

The Trial

Whenever possible, our expert reviewers order product samples to evaluate the fit, feel, and performance first-hand. We assess coverage, support, ease of getting on and off, functionality for swimming and beach activities, and comfort during extended wear.

Reviewers with different body types trial the swimsuits and provide comparisons. We also examine how the swimwear holds up after repeated wears and washes. This real-world testing allows us to spotlight considerations that specifications and lab data alone cannot capture.

The Experts

In addition to the hands-on examination, our reviewers regularly consult industry experts to evaluate swimwear better. We connect with textile and materials engineers to deepen our knowledge on the latest in fabrics, treatments, and manufacturing processes.

Chats with fashion designers provide context on current trends, style techniques and with insights on high-quality sewing and hardware application. Lingerie experts offer guidance for assessing swimsuits on proper support and coverage. The collective wisdom from these authorities informs our criteria development and helps sharpen our critical eye when assessing suits.

The Verdict

With both quantitative data and qualitative discoveries compiled, our reviewers synthesize all the information into detailed evaluations summarizing the bottom-line performance. Backed by evidence from testing, expert input, and real-world feedback, we provide our definitive verdict on which swimsuits are worth the investment for different needs and which to possibly pass on.

Key factors like quality of construction, comfort, coverage, durability, and value are distilled into pros and cons. Sizing guidance compares fits across brands. Ideal usage scenarios describe which suits work best for swim laps, beach lounging, water sports, and more. By condensing the key points, our verdicts aim to provide all the insights readers need to find their perfect bikini or one-piece.

The Update

Our swimwear reviews are living documents, continually monitored and updated as new styles are released each season. As brands revise or expand their collections over time, we revisit prior evaluations.

Our goal is to observe how previous recommendations hold up and notify readers about any changes – whether positive or negative – that may impact a past verdict.

If sizing gets inconsistent, construction quality declines, or durability issues arise, we alert shoppers.

Similarly, if fabrics improve, new fits get introduced, or prices decrease, we share those details too. Updating past reviews ensures our guidance remains current, allowing readers to make informed decisions when investing in new swimwear year after year.

The Hunt (Continued)

Our quest for bathing suits doesn’t end with the major brands.

We make a concerted effort to proactively seek out swimsuits from niche and specialty companies as well. This includes brands catering to plus-sizes, adaptive needs, modest preferences, and sustainable materials.

We regularly scout size-inclusive, adaptive, eco-friendly, and modest swimsuit designers to ensure diverse representation. Our goal is to provide a variety of options to appeal to all types of bodies, styles, and preferences. We also look for diversity in the models photographed wearing the swimwear.

Inclusion and representation matter, so we aim to spotlight brands embracing people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

How We Maintain Editorial Integrity

We take our editorial integrity very seriously. Our goal is to provide transparent, unbiased reviews to help you make informed shopping choices.

When our writers and editors evaluate products, they disclose any gifted items or sponsored partnerships upfront. If a brand provides us compensation or free product samples, we are careful not to let that impact our honesty. Our reviews aim to highlight both pros and cons for a balanced perspective.

Before any review is published, all details are thoroughly fact-checked by our editorial team. We reference specifications directly from brands and consult additional sources to verify any claims or data. If inaccurate information is identified, we promptly update the content.

While we stand by our evaluations, it is still crucial for you to evaluate how any product fits with your individual needs and preferences.

We urge you to consult care labels, size charts, and brand guidelines as well. Our reviews are intended as helpful resources.

Our readers always come first. We want you to feel confident in the integrity and transparency of our recommendations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions or feedback on our editorial standards and practices.

What Keeps MeThisBikini Alive

To maintain the separation between our business operations and editorial content, our writers and reviewers operate independently from our revenue team.

Our editorial staff focuses solely on creating honest, unbiased reviews and recommendations. They do not have access to sales data, affiliate metrics, or advertising revenue numbers that could potentially introduce bias.

Conversely, our business development team manages partnerships and promotions without influencing coverage decisions. This firewall between them allows our writers the freedom to provide authentic advice based on a product’s merit alone, without pressure or sway from sponsors, advertisers, or affiliates.

As an independent brand, Methisbikini requires revenue to fund our work, and we want to be fully transparent about where our funding comes from.

Affiliate Commissions

We participate in affiliate marketing programs, including the Amazon Associates program, where we earn small commissions if readers purchase products after clicking through from our site. Our editorial team hand-picks products to recommend based on our review criteria; we do not simply promote products with the highest commissions. Affiliate earnings allow us to continue creating helpful reviews, but our evaluations are never influenced by potential revenue.


Certain areas of our website contain display, banner, and native ads. These carefully selected advertisements help cover our operating expenses. Any posts or content promoting a brand or product are distinctly labeled as an ad or sponsored promotion.

Product Sales

In addition to curating swimwear to review, we also offer a small selection of beach coverups, accessories, and bikini-realted products for purchase directly through our site. These retail sales provide another revenue stream to support our ability to continue evaluating new styles and brands each season.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever have questions about our practices related to generating revenue. Our commitment remains to transparent, unbiased bikini reviews and recommendations.

How We Make Sure Availability Is Always Up to Date

We know how frustrating it can be to read a glowing piece only to find the product is out of stock when you decide to have it.

We make efforts to help our readers avoid that experience.

Our editorial team regularly checks inventory levels and availability for the products we recommend. We look at both the brand websites as well as major retailers where they are sold.

When an item we’ve reviewed is out of stock, we try to note that prominently in the review so you don’t waste time clicking through. We also mention expected restock dates when that information is provided.

With swimwear in particular, inventory can fluctuate frequently as brands release new seasons and styles. We do our best to stay on top of these changes, but availability can still sell out quickly.

If you find a product we’ve suggested is unavailable, please reach out so we can update our content as needed. We appreciate your partnership in keeping our recommendations useful! Our goal is to always direct our readers to where they can find our top picks in stock and ready to enjoy the summer fun.

Suggestions from Readers

We absolutely welcome and appreciate input from our engaged audience on new styles, brands, and products we should consider reviewing.

Our readers often inform us of emerging labels or cute designs that may have flown under our radar. We highly value this feedback, as our community helps keep us on the pulse of the latest must-have swimwear.

If you come across a bikini, swimsuit, coverup, or beach accessory you think other people’d love, we invite you to send it our way! Please use this form to provide us with some key details – the brand, specific product name/description, retailers it’s available from, photos if possible, and why you think it would be a great addition to our site.

Our editorial team has implemented reader submission guidelines to help us efficiently evaluate the many recommendations we receive. We assess factors like multi-retailer availability, size range inclusiveness, ethical and sustainable production, uniqueness, and fit for our audience’s tastes and preferences. Meeting certain criteria increases the chances we will order samples and pursue a full review.

While we can’t guarantee a submitted product will ultimately get coverage, we appreciate you bringing new discoveries to our attention! Seeing that “Recommended by Reader” tag on a bathing suit means you, our loyal community, uncovered an exciting new bikini or brand for us to share.