Who We Are

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We are not here to change the swimwear industry, we are here to clean up its messes for you.

MeThisBikini is your industry watch, your pre-vacay assistant, your body positivity therapist, your BFF who knows pretty much anything about swimsuits. We are on your side.

We don’t manufacture swimwear, and just like you, we too, hate seeing brands and big corps putting out crappy designs that cater to nobody’s needs.

In a time where all magazines and stylists are busy chasing trends and celebs, we want to be your breath of fresh air for swimsuits.

MeThisBikini’s mission:

Make the supposed “swimsuit fashion” less intimidating and more accessible to every woman.

Our Team

Irena Wu - General Manager

Irena Wu

General Manager

As the creative general manager of Methisbikini, Irena leads the strategic direction and vision for Methisbikini. Irena has over 8 years of experience analyzing the latest styles and innovations in the swimwear industry. She leverages her instinct for forecasting upcoming trends and her in-depth knowledge of swimwear design to guide the editorial strategy for Methisbikini.

patt liu - managing editor

Patt Liu

Managing Editor

Patt oversees the website’s wide range of content, including reviews, trend reports, and in-depth guides. With 5+ years of experience in digital publishing, Patt excels at project management and optimizing content for user engagement.

Luna Wilde - Senior Writer

Luna Wilde

Senior Writer

Luna loves crafting engaging content about swimwear fashion and trends. With 5+ years of experience as a digital journalist and blogger, Luna brings creativity, wit, and style knowledge to every piece she writes.

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Katie Whitlock - Contributing Writer & copy editor

Katie Whitlock

Contributing Writer & Copy Editor

Katie always has a heart for body positivity in swimwear and puts the finishing touches on stories with her meticulous eye for detail. She brings creativity and passion to covering topics spanning swim trends, designer collaborations, industry news, and more.

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Sophia Carter-Kahn - Contributing Writer-

Sophia Carter-Kahn

Contributing Writer

With her sharp eye and spirited voice, Sophie creates engaging pieces on all aspects of swimwear. She brings her experience writing for Vice, The Verge, and BuzzFeed to covering the latest in swimwear fashion.

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Jesicca Stahli - Copy Editor

Jessica Staheli

Contributing Writer

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Amarah Callahan - Contributing Writer

Amarah Callahan

Contributing Editor

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Danielle Cappolla - Contributing Writer

Danielle Cappolla

Contributing Writer

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Ganiya Durojaiye - Contributing Writer

Ganiya Durojaiye

Contributing Writer

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aimee payne - Contributing Writer

Aime Payne

Contributing Writer

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Editorial Standards

At MeThisBikini, our readers come first. Our editorial team is devoted to providing well-researched, accurate, and thoughtful content to inform and empower women on their swimwear journeys. We uphold journalistic principles, citing credible sources and verifying facts. Our writers bring professional expertise as industry veterans, designers, or journalists. Every article includes diverse perspectives and meets high standards for original analysis. We celebrate inclusive diversity across models, contributors, and content. Editors thoroughly review all articles to ensure they align with our values of body positivity and empowerment. We make corrections transparently and refrain from spreading misinformation. Advertisers have no sway over our objective recommendations. Our integrity as a brand stems from our commitment to serve our readers above all else.