best swimsuit tops for woman with large bust

Best Bikini Tops for Large Bust: Tips and Recs (2023)

The sad truth about being busty

marge simpson angrily confronts the doctor about her breasts

It’s 2023, and 95% of the bikini companies still don’t care about people with large breasts.

They are still selling swimsuits in conventional sizes, worse even, those that advertise their swimwear as “specially made for busty women” still use models that barely have any chest to show how their bikinis “may be a perfect fit” for you.

And when they do have the right model, you will find either that their breasts are being squished, or that the cups are small enough to leave half of the girls out in the open. Not convincing at all.

The irony is everywhere.

It seems that, in these swimsuit designers’ minds, being busty means you are a 100% plus size (ever heard of a P-shape?), and if a bikini’s made stretchy enough, it can cover every body shape and breast size.

They are dead-ass wrong.

So can you even get a swimsuit that “looks nice, fits and gives hold”? 

It’s a tough task, but yes. The answer is bikini tops.

How to make bikini shopping for big boobs less painful and actually get swimsuits that fit

“I’m now a 34F.” Gina Marinelli, the editor of Glamour, wrote in an article. “Finding supportive, aesthetically pleasing swim options can make me feel like a lost teen rifling through racks, waiting to be pleasantly surprised. Or relieved.”

If every summer, you are having trouble even finding the right bathing suit styles and are constantly in fear of sizing issues, and feel like gambling each time you make a purchase, it’s the swimwear industry’s fault, not yours.

So here it is, the simplest way to find swimsuits that may fit well for your [insert your cup size] bust:

Buy only the bikini top any chance you get, and then choose a matched bottom in normal sizes.

This is considered the ultimate fix because:

1. You will regret getting bikini sets: It’s either the top or the bottom, one of them is guaranteed to have an awkward fit.

2. Going plus size won’t help at all: Most companies sell plus size swimsuits in sets, and there’s no way that a large-breasted slim/petite woman can wear that gigantic bikini bottom to the beach/pool.

3. Buying one-piece bikinis is way too risky: If you are not determined to get your measurements and are not afraid to do the math, and hate returning/reordering whenever there’re sizing problems, don’t take the risk!

Let’s just forget the “bikini body“ nonsense for a bit and be practical about it.

Knowing what to get is only the first step, you need to also figure out what makes a really good bikini top for ladies with bigger busts.

Types of bikini tops that are best for large bust

Here are, in our opinion, the kinds of bikini tops that help relieve part of your stresses.

Sold by cup sizes

women with a fuller bust should look for bikinis sold in bra sizes

Bikini tops that are sold in bra sizes give direct numbers about the band/cup’s measurements, which, as if you are buying bralettes, makes a huge difference.

Have underwires

swimwear with wired cups offer the best support

If you prefer support above everything else, look for bikini tops with underwire cups.

They are what you need to cage your boobs properly so they can stay in place the whole time. 

Ideally, there should be no paddings in them, and even if they do, the pads should be removable.

With adjustable straps

bikinis tops offer adjustable straps are more flexible

Shoulder straps take part of the weight of your breast and help lift them up, bikini tops with spaghetti-style straps tend to dig in and cause shoulder pain that can ruin everything.

Look for tops that have thick, wide, adjustable shoulder straps, self-ties are the best. 

Comfort should always come first.

Have a round/shell shape

swimsuit with round or shell cup shapes keeps your breast in place

The shape of the cup can make or break your swimsuit look too.

In general, rounded/shell-shaped bikini tops in the right sizes offer full-cup coverage and can be extra supportive with underwires.

And yes, they can be just as cute as those triangle bikinis.

Made with stretchy materials

elasticity of swimsuit fabrics ranked high to low
Modern-day swimwear is made using various blends of the above fabrics

Your swimsuit size is already too rare, and your chances of getting something unfit are undeniably high, to deal with it, you need bikini tops that are stretchy enough that have an allowance in case of sizing mishaps.  

Best swimsuit tops for large bust  (Updated)

To help you enjoy summer just like anyone else, to help conquer your insecurities, to help prevent all the side boobs, falling-outs, spillages, nip slips, and the fear caused by your breasts, and to save your time searching in disappointment, here are our editor-picked swimsuit tops.

How these are picked and how the list’s maintained

  • We selected those bikini tops based on the above rules.
  • We read the reviews carefully.
  • We double-checked to make sure the brands we chose ship to most of the countries.
  • We tried to include as many styles as possible: fun prints, bold colors, beautiful designs, layers, etc.
  • The list is updated every month with new styles. 
  • We are not working with any of the companies below, so buying from them will not give us any compensation.

Floral Print Halter Bikini Top


Fuller Bust recycled mix and match halter V-underwire bikini top in mono sot print


Wrap Front Batwing Sleeve Bikini Top


Jungle Falls Wrap Full Bikini Top


Hana Printed Bikini Top


Fuller Bust crop bikini top in black


Lilac Triangle Halter Bikini Top


Rhythm Marle Tall O-Ring Bikini Top


Vita Marina Curvy Bandeau


Longline Underwire Buckle Swim Bikini Top


Padded Balcony Bikini Top


Bikini Top Full Cup Padded


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