best swimsuits that cover your bikini line

Best Swimsuits for Untamed Bikini Lines

“I want to wear a bikini but I have hair”

can't wear swimsuit because of pubic hair

Call it lady garden, private parts, downstair mustache, or whatever you like, we all have hair on our bikini lines, it’s a biological fact we all agree on, yet certain gender-coded, societal standards along with some marketing BS say women should have smooth porcelain-like skins.

We have a circling history with hair removal.

We used DIY tools long before Razor’s was invented,  and then the ways we dealt with our body hair evolved with the fashion industry, and then we embraced having full bush in the 70s, then we obliterated every single hair with a Brazilian or an expensive laser treatment…

Now it’s just something “inappropriate to show”, “unacceptable for others”, and “embarrassing”. 

With the cuts on swimsuits being higher and higher each year, and brands hijacking the trends with thong-style bikinis, it’s inevitably clear that if you leave your bikini line (or any part of your body hair) the way it naturally is, you don’t deserve to wear swimsuits in public, you don’t deserve to be seen at beaches/pools.

You are forced to be ashamed of yourself.

Your fear of judgment compels you to either go out and make wax appointments or spend an absurd amount of cash buying DIY products.

The world has an obscene craze for hair-purging and there seems to be no escaping from it. And you just give in.

The “perfect body” image portrayed by the media can be a nightmare for some. “Removing pubic hair is a cosmetic choice that may have health consequences for some women.” Dr. Jen Gunter wrote in an NYT article, “27 percent of women who reported removing their pubic hair had sustained an injury at some point and 2.5 percent reported needing surgical intervention…”

So here’s the sad thing: hair removal is not a one-off solution and comes with/has its own drawbacks: a) you have to do it on a regular basis, and b) the side effects (ingrowns/bumps/burn/irritation/etc.) will just add more physical/emotional drain, especially for those with sensitive skins.

This has not been said enough, but here it goes:

If you want to wear bikinis, you should just go and wear one, it does not matter whether you have hair or not. Liberate yourself from the thought of shaving/waxing for the sake of pleasing others.

And just remember:

Your pursuit of hairlessness should be a choice, not an obligation.

How to not shave/wax/groom and still wear bikinis

Whether you’ve been “IDGAF” all along, or you’ve finally had it enough with hair removal, take these 3 steps to get your confidence right so you can enjoy summer, water, and sunshine with your bikini line untouched.

Step 1. Change of mind

When was the first time you did any sort of hair removal? And for what reason? What if you didn’t do it?

“I really struggled with this for a really long time…just fearing that people will judge you when you go out…” 

See Megan Huge’s experience with body hair and her captivating journey to body hair acceptance and how you can take that leap too.

Or see how Youtuber Ingrid decided to stop shaving once and for all.

It’s absolutely normal and okay to be/stay hairy. 

Step 2. Own your bikini line 

What’s the worst thing to happen when you wear swimsuits with your full-grown natural bikini line? It will either poke through the fabric or peek out from the sides. (ever seen a man’s beard peeking out of his face mask? Same thing.)

And who cares that much to actually pay attention to your bikini area? Your close friends/family, or some creeps. For the former, share with them your horrible experience with shaving/Brazilian waxing/etc. Let them know how much you hated it. For the latter, they don’t deserve the explanation.

It’s your body, so own it.

Step 3. To show or not to show

Once you’ve realized it’s not a big deal at all, hair-keeping will be easier than you think.

The only problem you need to worry about is whether to hide them away or let them hang.

If you don’t care at all, go with any bathing suit you feel like wearing. Otherwise, just get styles that offer decent coverage without giving you granny looks. (they do exist!)

Best swimsuit bottoms/briefs/skirts that cover bikini line

Updated on 03/25/2023

Consider this the alternative to physical hair removal: If nobody sees your bikini line, it’s not there. And no one will be bothered by something non-existent.

So instead of treating your bikini line with razors/waxes/lasers, look for bikini bottoms featuring retro cuts, low-rise designs, and wider crotches.

If the hair is too thick to hide, try swim shorts and swim skirts.

Things we considered while selecting the following suits:

  • The suit should provide overall good coverage while also being comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Bottoms with more coverage on the bikini area.
  • Bottoms with dark colors.
  • Bottoms with stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics.

The Ruched Swim Skirt


High Waist Ruffled Bikini Bottom_inxcy_geo print

High Waist Ruffled Bikini Bottom


Deep Ocean Skirted Bikini Bottom






Offshore Life High Waist Swim Short by inxcy

Offshore Life High Waist Swim Short


Playa Printed Swim Shorts


mix and match frill high waist bikini bottom in mixed ditsy floral print


Solid Ruffled Skirted Bikini Bottom


Surge Short


floral printed swimsuit short

Rhythm Drifter Floral Boyshort Bikini Bottoms


free people's bikini bottom with bikini line coverage

Salon Boy Leg Bikini Bottoms


Water Lily Sporty Skirted Bikini Bottom


Best one-piece swimsuits that are bush friendly

Updated on 03/25/2023

Wearing one-piece suits with a full bush is not as crazy as it sounds, you need designs that not only cover your bikini area but also hug your body in ways that offer enough confidence for you to do any water sports.

Aimer Black Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit

Aimer Black Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit





Sanya Floral Printed Wrap Front One Piece Swimsuit_inxcy

Sanya Floral Printed Wrap Front One Piece Swimsuit


Lido One-Piece Swimsuit


The Marseilles—Luxe Flat


Seea Frida One-Piece Swimsuit

Seea Dara Surf Suit


Go Places Floral & Geo Mixed Print One Piece Swimsuit_inxcy

Go Places Floral & Geo Mixed Print One Piece Swimsuit


That Summer Gingham Print One Piece Swimsuit


Bianca One Piece Romper Swimsuit


Clover Ruched Halter 1PC


The Mykonos One Piece


Women’s Slender V-Neck Tummy Control Chlorine Resistant Skirted One Piece Swimsuit


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