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Bikins for The Flat-Chested: The No-BS Guide

Do I have a small bust?

how to know whether you have a small bust_

Typically, those with a small bust have slender frames. Many body types have flatter chests, but straight and slight body types are the most commonly associated characteristics.

Prominent clavicles, rib cages, and hip bones often feature heavily on those with smaller busts, as they can have a wraith-like quality to their figure.

Figures such as these are more common than not accompanied by small or just flat chests.  

You may be researching what the ‘right’ breast size actually is, but ultimately, there is no wrong breast size.

Small bust bra sizing

Those with naturally smaller chests usually fit within a range of specific sizing:

  • Typically, anywhere from a 30AA to a 46B cup is considered to be a small bust. 
  • While a 30AA is usually the smallest, some specialty retailers offer a 28AAA cup size.
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Read on if you are bothered by your:

  • Padded bikini cups gapping
  • Chest looking too simple and unemphasized
  • Inability to find the right bikini fit for you

Common small-bust wardrobe experiences

If you are unsure of your correct bra sizing and don’t want to break out a measuring tape, here are some other telltale signs to look for:

  • Jumpsuits seem to have no shape on you, giving you an unshapely appearance.
  • Dresses fit you perfectly everywhere but your bust, creating unflattering gapping in the chest area.
  • You prefer bralettes over the standard padded bra cup.
  • Your chest is completely flat in a sports bra.

Which type of swimwear is best for small busts?

Women with small or flat busts often struggle to find the right swimwear for their chest size.

Some complain it can be too risque without enough coverage, while others are concerned about being too covered and hiding what could be better emphasized with the correct fit.

Luckily, there are many styles available that suit small busts.

Your preferred fit may be determined by whether you are looking for a flattering cut or one that further emphasizes your assets.

Swimwear styles that flatter small busts

Scoop neck bikini tops

Styles like the padded scoop top are often popular among those with flatter chests, as they can accentuate your natural shape while this style’s sleek design prevents cup gapping.


bandeau tops and bottom set with dotted patterns

Bandeau styles are also a fan favorite of women with smaller busts, as they bring more attention to the chest without creating cup gapping or having to deal with straps.

Wrap-up style bikini tops

wrap style bikini top are good for small busts

For a more customizable fit, consider trying out the wrap top style. This cut allows you to adjust the fit of your bikini top to your desired tightness and lift.

Wired bikini tops

wired bikini top and bottom

For more emphasis on the bust, bikinis with an under-wire can also help lift and sculpt your chest. This style fits most like a bra and works to give structure where it is most needed.

Swimwear to avoid for small busts

Padded cups and plain prints

Some women with smaller chests may avoid certain aspects of bikini tops, as they can make for an unflattering cut.

If you have a completely flat chest and always have cup gapping, you should most likely avoid bikinis with padded cups.

You also might avoid plain solid color bathing suits when looking to enhance the look of their busts.

Without the added elements of fabric texture or patterns to bring attention where it is needed, this swimwear can appear too simple or even unflattering.

How can I make my bust look fuller?

Though some women are wary of using supplementary products to emphasize their chests, there is nothing wrong with adding a little extra padding or a bit of tape if it makes you feel more confident.

Cup inserts

Silicone adhesive bra inserts can make the chest area appear much fuller and often are best concealed by an already-padded bikini top. There are multiple shapes and sizes of inserts to choose from for your perfect fit.

Boob tapes

you can use tapes to lift saggy breasts

Another great option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of inserts is tape. While there is a bit of a learning curve, using tape to elevate the look of your chest can look quite natural.

Tape is a bit more customizable as you can adjust it to the perfect size and shape for your desired fit.

The “scoop and swoop” method

Extra add-ons might seem like too much work for you. Instead, try using the scoop and swoop method when first putting on your bikini top.

This method works by using one hand to pull your bikini band away from the side of your breast while your other hand scoops all of your breast tissue into your bikini cup, giving a fuller, more rounded appearance to your chest.

Swimwear fabrics and designs that enhance small busts

If inserts, tapes, or quick hacks aren’t your thing, you can always focus on unique fabrics and embellishments to bring attention to where you need them the most. ​​

Embellishments such as bows, ruffles, or rings, and ties added to the front closure of your bikini top can add dimension and bring just the right amount of attention to your chest.

Try mixing and matching styles. Contrasting combinations like sporty bottoms with a more feminine top can not only help you ease into new styles but also find what works best for your body.

Particular fabrics are popular among those with smaller chests such as ribbed or textured fabrics.

Much like embellishments, textures in bikini fabrics can help add dimension to what you already have, emphasizing your best natural assets.


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