Scoop Neck Bikinis: Top Styles, One-Pieces & More

What Is A Scoop Neck Bikini?

A scoop neck bikini is a style of bikini top that has a wide, curved neckline that scoops low on the chest. The neckline forms a smooth U or V shape that reveals cleavage and the upper part of the wearer’s bust. Scoop neck bikini tops feature wide neck openings with a gentle curved “U” shape. The scoop neckline differs from straight or square bikini necklines by its distinctly rounded contour. The scooped curve can vary from shallow to quite deep and dramatic depending on personal preferences for coverage. The iconic scoop shape flatters a wide variety of body types.

In addition to the signature scoop neck, this bikini style also commonly includes:

  • Triangle or bandeau shaped cups
  • Halter, strapless, or thin spaghetti straps
  • Removable soft cups for shaping
  • Back closure with tie or hook fastening

The scoop neck bikini top can be mixed and matched with any style bottom. Popular pairings include cheeky bottoms, high-waisted bottoms, and Brazilian cut bottoms. Scoop neck bikini tops also readily pair with skirts and shorts for a retro flair.

Different Styles of Scoop Neck Bikini Tops

Scoop neck bikini tops come in a variety of stylish silhouettes that place their own spin on the signature scoop neckline.

Some of the most popular scoop neck bikini top styles include:

  • Triangle – Features simple triangle shaped cups and slim halter neck straps. Offers light bust support.
  • Bandeau – Straight across elasticized band wraps around bust. May include optional straps.
  • Tank – Athletic style with wide straps and sporty racerback or crossback.
  • Crop Top – Cropped length with abbreviated triangle or bandeau cups.
  • Sweetheart – Cups form a heart shape and gather center cleavage.
  • Underwire – Contoured, molded cups with underwire support for larger busts.
  • One shoulder – Asymmetrical one shoulder strap bares one side.

These diverse bikini top silhouettes provide an array of coverage levels and support. More revealing styles like the triangle and bandeau offer lightweight support best for smaller busts. Sturdier tank tops and underwire bras provide secure containment for busty figures.

The various straps also make a statement, from the sultry one shoulder to sporty crossback. Removable straps allow converting from halter to strapless. Solid bikini tops readily pair with patterned bottoms, and vice versa.

Scoop necklines also work beautifully on tankini tops, combining the scoop neck with a bit more torso coverage. This neckline adapts well to all types of bikini and tankini tops.

How to Wear a Scoop Neck Bikini

Certain styling practices help maximize the beautiful, balanced look of the scoop neck bikini. Here are tips for wearing this swimsuit style:

  • Pick the right scoop depth – Shallow scoops show minimal cleavage while plunging scoops bare a lot. Choose your comfort level.
  • Get the right bra fit – Scoop tops should encapsulate breasts fully without squeezing, gapping, or slipping.
  • Add removable pads – Insert light pads in unlined tops for shape and coverage.
  • Try high-waisted bottoms – For more classic vintage look, pair with high rise briefs or shorts.
  • Accessorize simply – Avoid busy patterns and jewelry that distract from the flattering neckline.
  • Apply SPF carefully – Generously coat exposed décolletage and shoulders to prevent burning.
  • Check for support – Bounce around to ensure tops with looser cups or bands provide ample support for your bust size.

Scoop bikinis work across casual, sporty, and retro-glam aesthetics. Make sure the scoop neckline properly frames your décolletage without revealing more than intended. For total vintage style, match with high waisted bottoms.

Advantages of Scoop Neck Bikini Tops

Scoop neck bikini tops offer many perks that make them a swimming staple.

Some of the benefits of scoop neck bikini tops include:

  • Universally flattering neckline – Enhances and complements all chest shapes and sizes.
  • Alluring yet still secure – Bares a tasteful hint of cleavage without exposing too much.
  • Breezy and comfortable fit – Widened neck opening improves ventilation.
  • Allows freckle tanning – Broad scoop provides ample décolletage sun exposure.
  • Lightweight support – Triangle and bandeau shapes work for low impact recreational swim needs.
  • Range of coverage options – Scoop depth accommodates different modesty preferences.
  • Easily mixes and matches – Pairs with any style bikini bottom.
  • Flattering on tall or short torsos – Scoop works on both elongated and compact frames.

With its subtle sexiness and figure flattery, the breezy comfort of the scoop neck is perfect for lounging seaside or dipping in the pool. The adaptable style transitions seamlessly from day to night swim settings.

Disadvantages of Scoop Neck Bikini Tops

While widely beloved, the scoop bikini also comes with a few potential drawbacks to consider.

Some possible disadvantages include:

  • Can be too risqué for some wearers – Very deep scoops risk indecent exposure.
  • Offers minimal bust support – Triangle and bandeau shapes lack reinforcement for larger busts.
  • Requires frequent SPF reapplication – Broad exposed chest area risks burning.
  • Not ideal for extremely active water sports – Insufficient coverage and support for intense swimming.
  • Prone to wardrobe malfunctions – Neckline can gap open with vigorous movement.
  • Can’t be worn as separates – Scoop only works joined with bottoms as a set.

The minimalist design does not work well for ladies requiring more sturdy support up top. And the ample bare skin requires diligent sun protection application when out in the sun.

Scoop Bikinis for Specific Body Types

Certain scoop neck bikini variations better complement particular body shapes and attributes.

Hourglass Figures

Opt for scoop tops with ruffles, a sweetheart shape, or underwire cups to accentuate your balanced hourglass proportions. Vivid colors and patterns draw the eye to your shapely bosom and slim waist.

Busty Frames

Contain and support a fuller bust in an underwire scoop bikini top. Halter neck straps offer additional lift. Solid color tops in dark, plunging scoops create a slimming effect.

Athletic Builds

Show off toned abs and shoulders in a scoop neck crop top bikini. The shorter length pairs perfectly with high cut bottoms. Go for neutral earth tones to let your muscles take center stage.

Petite Figures

Dainty triangle tops with skinny straps flatter smaller frames. Aim for bright pops of color and fun patterns to liven up your diminutive assets. But avoid boy-cut briefs that can overwhelm petite hips.

Plus Size Bodies

Curvy bodies shine in a simple scoop bandeau top with high waist bottoms. Solid black or navy elongates contours. A touch of shirring adds shape without constricting ample curves.

Mature Women

Mature ladies seeking modest options might opt for a scoop tankini top coupled with swim shorts or a swim skirt. This provides the flattering neckline with more coverage on bottom.

Finding the Most Flattering Scoop Neck Bikini Top

Not all scoop bikini tops work the same. Finding the most ideal scoop silhouette for your body takes a bit of trial and error.

Here are tips for identifying the most flattering scoop bikini top for you:

  • Assess level of bust support needed and shop accordingly for cups/bands that match.
  • Try on multiple scoop depths – higher scoops can minimize smaller busts while plunging scoops highlight cleavage.
  • Look for tops with adjustable ties or straps so the fit can be customized.
  • Focus on how the scoop neckline follows the curve of your décolletage – you want a smooth transition, not gaps.
  • Evaluate from all angles – front, side, and back views – to ensure the top complements your shape.
  • Move around vigorously while trying on to test functionality.
  • Aim for tops that lift your bust into an enhanced yet natural looking position.
  • Pick colors, patterns and textures that accentuate your best assets.

Finding a scoop neck bikini that checks off both fit and style boxes may take a few rounds of fitting room trial sessions. But once you discover that perfect scoop top for your figure, it makes for an essential bikini wardrobe staple.

How to Measure for Scoop Neck Bikini Top Size

Taking proper measurements helps identify the ideal scoop bikini top size and minimize the need for returns or exchanges.

To measure for scoop bikini top size, you’ll need:

  • Soft measuring tape
  • Mirror
  • Well-fitting non-padded bra
  • Pen and paper

Then follow these steps:

  1. Put on the non-padded bra. Measure around the ribcage right under the bust. Round to nearest inch.
  2. Bend forward 90 degrees. Measure around fullest part of bustline across nipples. Round to nearest inch.
  3. Subtract band size from bust size to get cup size. Each 1 inch difference = 1 cup size.
  4. Scoop bikini tops often run small. Consider sizing up in both band and cup.

These measurements provide your bra size, which helps guide but doesn’t guarantee perfect bikini top sizing. Scoop tops vary in their cup configurations and lack adjustable bands. So try on multiple sizes near your bra size to ensure the best fit in both cup coverage and band security.

Scoop Neck One Piece Swimsuits

In addition to the iconic separate bikini tops, the scoop neckline also commonly appears on stylish one-piece swimsuits.

Popular styles of scoop neck one piece swimwear include:

  • Monokini – Scoop front with large cutout at the torso and high cut leg holes.
  • Tank suit – Athletic one piece with modest scoop neck and wide shoulder straps.
  • Racerback – Scoop front with lower racer style back and exposed shoulder blades.
  • Maillot – Classic retro scoop-front one piece with medium back and bottom coverage.
  • Plunge – Deep scoop down the front and high leg openings for dramatic allure.

Many one piece swimsuits utilize the scoop neckline as a chic yet functional accent. The signature scooped décolletage creates a flattering frame for the face and bust on any style swimsuit.

For ladies who prefer the ease of a one piece, scoop swimsuits deliver comparable beauty and versatility to their two piece counterparts.

Mixing & Matching Scoop Neck Bikini Tops

One of the conveniences of the scoop bikini is the ability to mix and match the tops with other bottoms to create customized looks.

Popular style pairings include:

  • Scoop top + string bottoms – For sultry barely-there vibe.
  • Scoop top + high waisted bottoms – For classically chic retro look.
  • Scoop top + ruffle bottoms – Feminine pairing with soft ruffled trim.
  • Scoop top + color block bottoms – Modern graphic aesthetic mixing colors.
  • Scoop top + patterned bottoms – Playful look contrasting prints and textures.
  • Scoop crop top + shorts – Sporty combo perfect for athleisure wear.
  • Scoop tankini + swim skirt – Twists scoop into more modest look.

The scoop bikini top readily complements casual to dressy vibes on bottom through creative mixing and matching.

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