Say Goodbye to Love Handles with These SwimsuitsSay Goodbye to Love Handles with These Swimsuits

Wearing Swimsuits: How To Love Your Love Handles

Your love handles may never go away, but there will still be summer, and you still need to put on bathing suits, so stop fretting over it or fantasizing about summer bodies, let’s get real.

This is the guide.

Stop hating your love handles

“Love handles have received no accolades, no hashtag campaigns, no aggressive exposure before the light of a camera in a concentrated effort to prove the point that every-frickin-body has love handles.” Kaye Toal, a Marie Claire contributor, vented in an article. “I reject the idea that any part of my body can be given worth or a lack of worth by anyone other than me.”

You thought about getting rid of your love handles, you tried to disguise them in your daily outfits.

And the worst of all, they put a limit on your wardrobe options, and because of them, you can’t wear certain styles, they are bad for the body image, and they have to go.

You need to get out of the “perfect body” trap.

Love handles are just the belly fat that hangs above your waist, and the extra weight you gain on your midsection, you get them for various reasons.

And you hate them because whenever you wear bathing suits, they will inevitably be on display. It’s easy to forget that every other woman has them too, but you don’t need to share the same fear and view your body image in the same way as everyone else.

Normal bodies can rock swimsuits too.

Hiding them in swimsuits is not your only option

Instead of covering your love handles, there are swimsuits you can wear to:

  • Accentuate them so they can stand out in complementary ways.
  • Decorate them so they will appear differently.
  • Downplay them so they won’t attract any attention.
  • Reshape them so they can blend in with your curves.
  • Minimize them so they won’t be noticed.

Next time you want to get swimsuits only for coverage, try breaking the rules and taking other approaches, don’t let them be a source of your frustrations.

What swimsuit styles are best for love handles

When you take swimsuit shopping as a challenge, you are mentally limiting yourself from many swimsuit styles, so it’s best to just forget about your love handles first.

And all things aside (skin tones/body shapes/cup sizes/personal preferences) aside, the swimsuits that go well with love handles are:

One-piece bodysuits that have bodycon effects or high-cut designs

Get the ones with stretchy fabrics to ensure comfortable fits and prevent any digging or bunching around the waistline.

One-piece suits that have details/patterns at the upper body (bust/shoulder/etc.)

Highlight the area above your love handles and put minimal emphasis on the rest, even if they are noticeable, they are visually compensated.

Bikini bottoms that have a high rise above your love handles.

High-rise designs and cheeky cuts can elongate the legs and give you more balanced silhouettes.

Swimsuit bottoms with high waist designs.

High waist swimsuits can help smooth out the tummy. it’s important to look for one with a supportive waistband and stretchy fabric. This will help ensure a comfortable fit and prevent any digging or bunching around the waistline.

Remember, minimizing them is not the only way.

If you are bold enough, you can ignore every of the above and just pick any of your favorite suits, just make sure your love handles are either a) underneath the suit, or b) looks like they are immaculately in tune with your body.

One-piece bathing suits for love handles

Offshore Life High Waist Swim Short by inxcy

Seea Tofino One-Piece Swimsuit



You Got Stripes Halter Neck One-Piece Swimsuit


swimsuit featured in a one-piece silhouette and low back style

The Ruched Maillot One-Piece Swimsuit


color block one piece with lace up at the waist

Carlie One-Piece Swimsuit


One piece with Plunged back Ruffled detailing.

Aimer Black Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit


bow tie embroidered one piece black

The Cheeky High Leg Bottom


a one-piece swimsuit styled with a plunging neckline and strappy, macramé-inspired back

Coastal Palms One-Piece Swimsuit


strapless one-piece with ruched details

The Cheeky High Leg Bottom


floral one shoulder one piece swimsuit



one piece with a V-neckline and flattering high leg cut

Allegra One Piece Swimsuit


A modern cut out back with adjustable straps

Pointelle Rib Gianna One Piece Swimsuit


plunging neck one piece

The Plunge


polka dot one piece swimsuit

The Ruffle Oasis


Bikini Bottoms for Love Handles

All Black Zip Front High Waist Bikini Bottom


aerie high waist bottom (2)

Crossover High Waisted Bikini Bottom


Offshore Life High Waist Swim Shorts


Trendy, textured jacquard bikini bottom

Jacquard High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom


orange bikini bottom that highlights your waist while offering full coverage



inxcy pearld bikini bottom

Pure Grace Pearled Black Bikini Bottom


minimal coverage for a chic and sexy sun kissed look.



swimsuit bottoms that have a high-cut silhouette and cheeky coverage

Parker Black and White High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms


These tricot knot swimsuit bottoms boast a bright, floral-inspired design throughout

Gone Coastal Black Floral Print Low Rise Bikini Bottoms


high rise floral bikini bottom

Fused Ventura Bikini Bottom


floral print high waist bottom

Emma Bikini Bottom


light yellow full cover bottom

Pacifica Bottom


bottom with a thigh-high moment, gold accent rings on the sides

Talia Bottom


grey high waist bikini bottom

Talia Bottom


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