how to wear swimsuits confidently when you have stretch marks

Bikinis That Help w/ Your Stretch Marks (Guide)

May your tiger stripes be your strength, your resilience, and ultimately, your grace.

Here’re the right ways to deal with them in swimsuits.

What you may not know about stretch marks

There are many other body issues that can trigger our anxieties, stretch marks should not be the one that bothers you anymore.

But before telling you how normal they are to a human body, and before you do anything stupid to try to remove/hide them, here are the quick facts.

  1. 90% of people have them.”
  2. Men also have stretch marks.
  3. Many celebrities have them too.
  4. They can appear everywhere (your stomach/thighs/butt/back/breasts/shoulders/arm/etc.)
  5. They don’t just come from pregnancy/childbirth, you can also gain them from growth spurts, sudden weight gain or loss, etc.
  6. They are simply “scars that lay underneath the lower layer of the dermis.”
  7. Early stretch marks may appear reddish, but the color of matured stretch marks may be slightly lighter than your skin.
  8. Most of the remover oils and creams will not work, they only do one job: to keep your skin hydrated.
  9. Laser treatments may be effective for some but cost somewhere between $500 to $8000.

Bear the above information in mind and let’s talk about swimsuits.

You can always hide your stretch marks in a swimsuit, but there’s no need and you don’t have to.

i like the way the stretch marks
on my thighs look human and
that we’re so soft yet
rough and jungle wild
when we need to be
i love that about us
how capable we are of feeling
how unafraid we are of breaking
and tend to our wounds with grace
just being a woman
calling myself
a woman
makes me utterly whole
and complete

milk and honey, Rupi Kaur

Wherever your stretch marks are on your body, there are bikinis that can cover them for you.

But why bother doing so?

You are self-conscious about your stretch marks because some skincare ads you encounter tell you to, it’s sad that your first thought about wearing swimwear is how you need to hide your marks in them, and just like body hair, they rarely get normalized by the media.

Ask yourself the real question: am I okay with what I look like with stretch marks?

If the answer is yes, to hell with the rules and what others and society think.

If it’s a maybe or a hard no, what makes you dislike/hate them so much? What’s crippling your confidence? And why do you view them this way?

Whichever situation (pregnant/after birth/adolescence/etc.) you are in with your life, if you don’t figure your inner self out, you will never get the swimsuits you want.

How you want to wear swimsuits with stretch marks is totally up to you

Knowing your body is the first step to self-acceptance, and the best swimsuits for stretch marks are not the ones that conceal your whole body as wetsuits do, they should be the suits that make you want to start packing for the beach right away.

You specifically search for suits that can hide your stripes only because you think they are unsightly and you want them to stay unseen, you are afraid of other people seeing them.

You should find certain swimsuits lovely for their designs, prints, cuts, etc. first, and then if those swimsuits happen also to provide coverage for your stretch marks, great!

If they don’t, no big deal!

Remember, the choice is always yours.

Swimsuits that cover your stretch marks

Seea Bolinas One-Piece Swimsuit_free people

Seea Bolinas One-Piece Swimsuit


Slow Dance Black Rash Guard One Piece Bathing Suit (1)

Slow Dance Black Rash Guard One Piece Bathing Suit


Carmel Bikini Bottoms_freepeople

Carmel Bikini Bottoms


Offshore Life Printed Zip Front Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit


Plus Size Plain Sailing One-Piece_barenecessities

Plus Size Plain Sailing One-Piece


Offshore Life High Waist Swim Short by inxcy

Offshore Life High Waist Swim Shorts


Plus Size Kotiya Mid-Rise Bikini Bottom_barenecessities

Kotiya Mid-Rise Bikini Bottom


Aerie Waffle Scalloped High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Waffle Scalloped High Waisted Bikini Bottom


Side cutout at strap one piece

One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit


A sash-inspired waistband comfortable bikini bottom

Waves Mid Waist Bikini Bottoms


short-sleeve swimsuit designed with a sporty front zip

Short Sleeve Multifit Front Zip One-Piece Swimsuit


comes in a sweet floral print and is crafted with nylon made from recycled materials_j crew

Retro high-rise bikini bottom in brilliant blooms


a special fabric that incorporates recycled nylon

Bow one-shoulder one-piece


high waisted geo print bikini bottom_revolve

Twist High Waist Bikini Bottom


Carlie One Piece_by revolve

Carlie One Piece


Tummy Control Adjustable Swim Skirt

Tummy Control Adjustable Swim Skirt Swim Bottoms


old navy floral swim dress

Wrap-Front Swimsuit Dress for Women


pritned swimsuits Ruched seams through front

High-Waisted Printed Ruched Bikini Swim Bottoms for Women


Swimsuits that flaunt your stretch marks

inxcy pearld bikini bottom

Pure Grace Pearled Black Bikini Bottom


the Rhinestone Ties Bikini Bottom Made especially for when you’re working on that tan



bottom with a high-waisted fit that will be hugging your curves in all of the right places



one piece offers a halter silhouette with frontal cut-outs



features chain hardware at the hip adding dimension to the bright orange silhouette



high cut one piece

Port de Bras Antillas One-Piece Swimsuit


super cheeky

Mila Side-Tie Bikini Bottoms


JOAN BOTTOM from beach riot



an asymmetrical one piece swimsuit with side cutouts



Ultra textured fabric meets all your tried-and-true fits

Terry Low Rise Tie Cheekiest Bikini Bottom


mid rise and V-shaped front waistband bikini bottom

The Cheeky V-Front Low Rise Bikini Bottom


flirty high leg bottom

The Cheeky High Leg Bottom


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