creative ways to wear triangle bikini tops

12 Most Flattering Ways to Tie Bikini Tops

Everyone loves a bargain, and nothing screams bargain more than buying one top that can be styled multiple ways.

You can have a fresh style for every day of your vacation without having to break the bank! What more could you want?

The classic way of wearing a bathing suit top definitely has its pros—sexy, supportive, and comfortable—but there are plenty of options that offer other benefits.

The freedom of a multi-way bikini top means you have the freedom to choose between any of the following priorities: security, support, clean tan lines, comfort, and aesthetics.

To enter the world of limitless styles, choose a bikini top that has adjustable ties and two separate sections—one for each boob. You also want to opt for something that doesn’t have any metal or plastic parts.

The easiest style of bikini for it is a triangle top, as you can rotate the two breast pieces and use the ties however you like.

Upside-down style

This trend took the world by storm, as it was hailed as an instant boob job. It’s the same premise as the scoop top, as it just involves flipping the bikini top upside down, but it can be worn a few different ways. 

How to tie the upside-down style:

model wearing a bikini top upside down_
  1. Flip your triangle bikini upside down and tie what is usually the top strap around your back
  2. Tie the straps now at the top however you like: around your neck like the scoop, crossed over and then around the neck, or crossed over and around your back to create a strapless look

Strapless/Bandeau style

Going strapless is the most effective way to avoid tan lines on the chest and shoulders, as it creates one streamlined piece of fabric across the bust. It looks great, but it might not be the most supportive or comfortable for more active days.

How to tie the strapless or bandeau style:

  1. Turn your triangle bikini top upside down
  2. Tie the strap that is now sitting above your boobs (what used to be the bottom strap) tightly behind your back
  3. Cross the bottom straps underneath your chest and tie it behind your back
  4. Readjust the triangles so they sit properly

Halter bandeau style

This style combines the genius of flipping your bikini upside down with the added style of a halter neck. It creates a stylish keyhole in the center and is both practical and aesthetic.

How to tie the halter bandeau style:

tying a halter bandeau style bikini top

  1. Flip your bikini top upside down
  2. Tie the strings on the bottom around your back
  3. Bring the strings on the top together in the center and tie them with one knot
  4. Bring the straps upwards, then wrap and tie them around the neck.

Choker style

This unexpected style combines swimwear with jewelry, creating a swimwear choker necklace. It’s a less practical style, as the strap is tied around your neck mainly for aesthetic reasons, so be careful when wearing this style not to tie it too tight.

How to tie the choker style:

how to tie your triangle bikini top the choker style
  1. Tie the bottom string of your bikini normally around your back
  2. Bring the top strings up behind your neck, then wrap one around your neck before tying the ends together like normal
  3. Ensure the tie is loose enough to be comfortable and move your head

Scoop neck style

It brings comfort, support and security, but it also has an extra layer of style. The bottom part of a bikini top is usually rounded, so this style capitalizes on that and uses it to create a flattering shape on the neckline.

How to tie the scoop neck style:

model wearing a bikini top where the straps on the back form a T shape
  1. Flip your triangle top upside down
  2. Tie what used to be the top strap around your back
  3. Tie what used to be the back strap around your neck
  4. Adjust the triangles 

Criss-cross front/criss-cross back style

Great for those who want cleavage, this style pulls the girls closer and offers a good lift, it also eases the pressure on the neck. Both are stylish, but do be careful when out in the sun, as they will have unconventional tan lines.

How to tie the criss-cross front or criss-cross back style:

model wearing a bikini top in a crisscross front style
  1. Tie the bottom string at the back like normal
  2. Cross the top strings over at the front before tying them together behind the neck for the front criss-cross look
  3. For the back criss-cross look, bring the strings over the shoulders, cross them over, and then tie them a few inches apart on the bottom string

T-Back Style

Bring the fun and style to the back with the t-back style. The front of the bikini will look the same, but use this style to create the same look as a t-back shirt.

How to tie the T-back style:

  1. Wear the top string around your neck like normal
  2. Bring the bottom strings behind your back and tie them together with a single knot
  3. Take hold of the strings and pull them up along the center of your back, then fasten them securely to the top string.

V-Neck/X-Neck Style

model tying a bikini top where the neckline forms an X shape

These strappy looks are super easy to achieve and very comfortable, although not the best option if you want to avoid lots of tan lines across your shoulders and back. 

How to tie the V-neck or X-neck style

  1. For both looks, tie the bottom string normally behind your back
  2. Bring the top strings behind your neck and tie them in a single knot before bringing them back to the front
  3. For the V-line, bring the strings straight down and tie them together on the bottom string, creating a V-line
  4. For the X-neck, cross the strings over and tie the end on the top string, just above boob, creating a small x shape on the collarbone

Rope-front style

Perfect for an aesthetic look for the beach to lunch transition, the rope front creates an added detail to your classic triangle top.This may not be ideal for tanning as it creates an additional line down the center of the bust.

How to tie the rope-front style:

  1. Tie the bottom strings like normal
  2. Take the upper strings, bring them around your neck, cross them, and return them to the front.
  3. Twist the strings around each other to create a rope
  4. Grasp the rope and lower it along the center of your chest, then knot it to the front of the bottom string

Tie-front style

This is the classic triangle bikini as we love it but with the added detail of a bow at the front instead of at the back. It’s super simple to do and maintains the same comfort and security of a triangle bikini top.

How to tie the tie-front style:

model in a tie-front style bikini top
  1. If the strings on your bikini are sewed onto the sides, you will need to wrap the bottom strap around your back and then bring it back to the front to tie
  2. If the strings are fed through a fabric loop, you can pull it around so that the ends tie together between your boobs rather than around your back

Halter-to-double-shoulder-strap style

This is a great way to relieve the pain and pressure of having a bikini tied behind your neck without having to buy another top. This method converts a halter-neck bikini top to a shoulder-strap top.

How to tie the halter-to-double-shoulder-strap style:

model turning a halter bikini top into double shoulder straps
  1. Lay the bikini top on a flat surface
  2. Bring the top straps straight down and tie them to the bottom straps
  3. Put the top on and tie the bottom strap, adjusting where the knots of the top straps sit for balance

One-shoulder style

A stylish alternative to the classic style, this way of wearing your bikini creates a flattering diagonal line across the chest. It can be just as comfortable and secure as the classic way of wearing your triangle bikini, so there isn’t even a compromise here for the style.

How to tie the one-shoulder style:

model turning a bikini top into a one shoulder style
  1. Tie the bottom string around your back
  2. Bring the top strings to one side and over your shoulder
  3. Tie them about two-three inches apart on the bottom string

Bonus: making a bikini top knot so the laces won’t accidentally untie itself

The last thing we want is for our super stylish bikini to come undone when diving under a wave! Tying your knots securely is important with all the above styles, as they are the only thing holding the top together.

One of the best ways to tie a sturdy knot that won’t come undone is to:

  1. Make loops on both sides of the top strings and leave them loose
  2. Guide the left strap through the right loop, and repeat the process with the right strap
  3. Put the bikini top on
  4. Pull the straps to tighten the knot together

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