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French Style Bikinis: 19 Best French Swimwear Brands to Know

If you are a French woman by heart, there’s no reason not to love French swimwear.

What is a French-style bikini?

If you go back in history, you will find that bikini was originally a French thing, it was commercialized by a French man in the 40s, and it was then a daring and revolutionary design that broke away from the conventional swimsuits of the time, and in just 20 years, it went from Paris to the entire world.

Although nationality in today’s swimwear has diminished, French design will always have its place in swimwear fashion.

Generally, french-style bikinis are:

  • Bikinis made by a French designer or a French company.
  • Bikinis with typical essences inherited from French fashion
  • Bikini styles loved and worn by French women.

Elements of French-style Bikinis

Minimalist design

Triangle Top by ANJA Paris
one piece ribbed swimsuit
Diva by albertine

It’s simplicity combined with understated elegance.

As Leonce, a French blogger, says, “French style is all about finding the right balance between looking dressed up and laid-back at the same time.” 

French-style bikinis favor clean lines, plain cuts, and a mixture of subdued shades and prints rather than flashy embellishments or complicated details; they put more emphasis on showing the natural curves of the human body.

Bikini tops with small cups and thin straps

ELECTRIC BLACK swimsuit top
ESMA bikini top by Chichi Castelnango
Wally Bikini Top with floral print
Louise Misha

The use of small cups and thin straps is a hallmark of French bikini tops, they provide mid-to-low chest coverage yet without being overly revealing or ostentatious. 

And it’s worth noting that most triangle, bandeau, or halter tops have reduced support without padding.

High-cut bottoms

GOLDEN SAND bikini bottom

Cheeky bottoms with high-rise waists and high-cut legs are quintessential in French-style bikini bottoms, they are more inclined to accentuate the curves of the hips and elongate the legs.

While some may find high-cut designs a bit daring, fear not, there are still options for those who prefer a bit more coverage. One-piece swimsuits with moderate coverage on the bottom area are also available in French-style designs.


econyl & ecovero are both great swimwear fabrics
EcoVero & ECONYL are both eco-friendly fabrics.

French swimwear usually offers small collections that prioritize quality and comfort.

And the use of eco-friendly materials and production process is often a top choice for most French bikini brands, aligning with the country’s long-standing commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

More sustainable swimsuit brands:

Other French swimwear brands you should know

Leonce already has a wonderful article recommending 15 French swimsuit brands, you can read it here

For reference, below is a table of all 15 brands’ collection sizes and price ranges:

BrandHow big is their bikini   collection?Price Range
Albertine~90 pieces$70 ~ $190
Anja Paris~80 pieces$60 ~ $145
Chichi Castelnango~110 pieces$35 ~ $95
Eres~300 pieces$165 – $980
Girls in Paris~70 pieces$35 ~ $95
Leslie Amon~50 pieces$90 ~ $340
Livystone~65 pieces$90 ~ $385
Louise Misha~40 pieces$55 ~ $115
Noo Paris~18 pieces$55 ~ $105
Poolday Paris~100 pieces$60 ~ $145
Princesse tam.tam~60 pieces$45 ~ $110
Roseanna*their swimwear collection is no longer available
Sézane~25 pieces$45 ~ $104
Yasmine Eslami~50 pieces$70 ~ $160
Ysé~140 pieces$35 ~ $330

In addition, we’ve scoured the scene and discovered some exciting indie swimwear labels based in France that you should know about.


Founded by two sisters in 2011, Claire Mougenot and Alix Mougenot, Luz is a Parisian brand that makes woman’s sportswear and swimwear that aims to “revolutionize responsible fashion while sublimating women.” 

At the heart of LUZ’s ethos is its commitment to sustainability. The brand uses only organic cotton and Econyl, a cutting-edge nylon fabric from recycled materials such as discarded fish nets and plastic bottles. And we love their “ECO is the new chic” attitude.

Les Sirènes

Les Sirènes (meaning mermaids in English) is a Bordeaux (yep, that small Fench city famous for its fine wines) brand created by a cool designer couple in 2017, they are more focused on producing swimwear that makes women of all body types feel good at the beach. And they are committed to sustainability by using ethical fabrics with a pre-sale/pre-order model to minimize over-productions and unnecessary waste.

Tatiane de Freitas

Founded by a French designer with Brazilian origins, this Lyon-based brand offers a stunning collection of high-end bathing suits and beachwear featuring unique neon colors, playful tropical prints, and exquisite details. 


ultra féminine,” “chic,” and “intemporelle” are the words Calipige uses to describe what their swimwear and clothes are about, and if you go and take a look at their collections, they do live up to their promises! Their bikinis are either in classic solid tones or come with beautiful floral prints and embroideries, and the best part? They also carry matched bikinis for your little ones.

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