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12 Sustainable Swimsuit Brands in Europe (That Are Worth Trying)

Here are some of the best eco-conscious swimsuits from European brands.

Scampi Swimwear

scampi swimwear - brand logo

~164 pieces ranging from $63-$179

Scampi Swimwear makes elegant bikinis and one-pieces in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand uses ECONYL textiles to create vintage-inspired pieces.

They also clean up marine pollution to counterbalance their carbon impact. 

In order to reduce waste, Scampi Swimwear prints with digital ink and has limited production timelines.

Since swimsuits are designed to last for years, the company uses classic cuts and patterns. Pieces are stitched in Europe under fair working conditions. 

Zebras & Libras

zebra and libras swimwear - brand logo

~34 pieces ranging from $103-$140

Zebras & Libras is an eco-friendly Greek swimwear brand. Greek beach scenery inspired the brightly colored pieces. Eleni Tsouti has been designing these refined pieces since 2015.

Their one-piece swimsuits have playful, asymmetrical cuts, and their bikinis have bold prints and hues, evoking the Greek seaside and skyline.

The brand uses regenerated polyamide in its swimwear fabrics. All swimwear is locally made at an ethical workshop. 


leonessa lingerie brand logo

~58 pieces ranging from $49-$139

This Swiss lingerie brand uses a slow fashion approach to manufacture swimwear in Portugal. LEONESSA Lingerie designs innovative, romantic swimwear.

They integrate fabrics like REPREVE and ECONYL into swimsuit designs. This circular model helps clean ocean litter and lowers carbon output. 

The brand is open about its supply chain, and their manufacturing facility in Portugal leverages solar energy. The company adheres to fair working systems. LEONESSA Lingerie’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its teamwork and stunning swim garments.  


~16 pieces ranging from $42-$177

Swimbe is a custom-made swimwear brand from Latvia. Customers can choose a style and share their measurements with Swimbe’s production team. This unique business model produces less waste, since swimwear fits the customer’s measurements.

Swimbe offers different cuts and styles for their bikinis. This production model gives customers a variety of choices. All pieces come in solid colors, so they last longer than trendier pieces.  

The brand has a zero-waste production process. It washes swimwear before shipping it, so microplastics can filter out.

Swimbe’s textiles come from recycled plastic, fishing nets, and other discarded items.  

Sundaze the Label

~47 pieces ranging from $43-$140

Sundaze the Label is an Estonian swimwear brand established in 2020. The brand makes sustainable swimwear in limited quantities to reduce its carbon footprint.

Sundaze the Label encourages customers to wear their high-quality pieces for years. Design and production processes are local to Estonia.  

All items are handmade, with careful attention to quality craftsmanship. Artisans use ECONYL, recycled nylon, and ethically sourced linen in swimwear pieces. 

Kaly Ora

kaly ora swimwear logo

~94 pieces ranging from $56-$150

Kaly Ora is an eco-conscious swimwear and activewear brand from Belgium. It makes reversible swimsuits, so customers can have two options for the price of one.

The company uses ecological fabrics like ECONYL, to protect the planet. Artisans stitch products in workshops. The company follows humane standards for fair trade and work.    

Lilja the Label

lilja the label bathing suits - logo

~49 pieces ranging from $45-$119

Founded in Finland, Lilja the Label uses fair production and environmentally friendly approaches to construct swimwear. The brand’s founder, Laura Saarinen, openly shares the company’s fashion journey.

The brand adheres to sustainability practices throughout the lifetime of its garments.

Their swimwear collections have regenerated textiles like ECONYL and REPREVE. Lilja the Label uses a preorder system, so seamstresses can carefully monitor materials.

The brand is involved in environmental initiatives that clean ocean waste. Lilja the Label gives instructions to help customers get the most wear out of their purchases. They also have a recycling program to regenerate pre-worn pieces. 

Livable Swim

livable swim brand logo

~67 pieces ranging from $43-$124

Livable Swim is a luxurious, eco-friendly swimwear brand from Amsterdam. It crafts low-coverage, playful bikinis. Livable Swim’s ethos is to imbue energy into sustainable swimwear.

The brand operates under a “made-to-order” model. This ensures the least amount of material is wasted, as each garment is handcrafted. 

Their bathing suits feature ECONYL fabrics. Swimwear has Oeko-Tex certification. This certification emphasizes the brand’s commitment to creating ethical and sustainable garments.     

Clō Stories

clo swimwear brand logo

~73 pieces ranging from $66-$143

Clō Stories is a fashion label from Barcelona that was established in 2018. It encourages a mix-and-match ideology with its reversible pieces.

Clō Stories makes swimsuits with fabrics like ECONYL, ECOLIFE, organic cotton, organic linen, and wood from eucalyptus trees. Garments are made in Barcelona at the hands of local seamstresses. This production cycle encourages social and environmental awareness. 

Clō Stories uses digital printing to cut back on water waste. Its safe dyes have Oeko-Tex and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) endorsements.  

Narah Soleigh

Narah Soleigh

~45 pieces ranging from $70-$180

Narah Soleigh is a swimwear and apparel brand based in Germany. Founders Katrin and Finn put the brand in motion in 2019. Their dream was to create swimwear that was exquisite and helped protect the planet’s resources. 

All their suits are made from renewable materials, like ECONYL fabric. The brand’s production takes place in Portugal under ethical practices.   

Their bikinis has a classic, contemporary style that will hold up for years. The company makes small batches of new items each year to reduce waste and encourage less consumption. 

Samudra Swimwear

Samudra Swimwear logo

~12 pieces ranging from $55-$65

This sustainable bikini line from Spain has elegant, practical designs that will stand the test of time.

Founded in 2020, Samudra Swimwear’s mission is to make fashion fun and socially responsible. 

The brand’s swimwear features ECONYL and recycled polyester textiles. It reuses or donates leftover fabrics. Fabrics have approval from Oeko-Tex and the GOTS. These certifications emphasize safe, ethical production. 

Samudra Swimwear outsources its swimwear assembly to an eco-responsible manufacturer in Portugal. This vendor implements renewable electricity and works to lower carbon impact. 

Alex Swim

alex swim - brand logo

~12 pieces ranging from $49 -$99

Alex Swim is a trendy swimwear company that was founded in Stockholm in 2022. This eco-conscious Swedish brand upcycles ocean pollution. All design and production processes are local to Sweden. 

Alex Swim constructs swimwear from regenerated nylon. Swimsuits can be recycled and reused without creating more waste.

Their affordable swimsuits are handmade. They can be mixed and matched for a wider range of options. 

Pieces have limited drops, to minimize waste and ecological stresses. These playful, candy-colored swimsuits are as fashionable as they are environmentally conscious. 

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