15 best italian swimwear brands to know

15 Best Italian Bikini Brands to Try This Summer

We reviewed the best Italian luxury bikini brands to find the ones worth investing in this summer.

Italian swimsuits are statement pieces at the pinnacle of refined elegance, they are also worthwhile investments for your summer wardrobe. These swimsuits are unique because they’re made with high-quality, long-lasting materials. Italian swimwear can be worn for years because of its superior quality and timeless designs. Experienced artisans carefully craft swimwear and tailor the pieces for optimal fit and comfort. They also find innovative ways to design swimwear with sustainability in mind. Companies release exclusive collections in limited quantities, increasing the value of the pieces.


oseree's logo

~70 pieces ranging from $34-$389

Founders Isabella Cavallin and Jannine Vinci created Oséree swimwear to bring a sense of playfulness and allure to swimwear.

The brand’s name derives from the Italian word for “dare.” Oséree’s designs empower customers to take the spotlight with confidence and ease. Collections include swimwear for both women and children. The garments are streamlined to fit your physique, so your bathing suit can move seamlessly with you.

Bikinis and one-pieces have eye-catching details and colors. They’re made of textiles that are reminiscent of high-quality lingerie. Bikinis have crystals and feathered accents. Oséree’s designs reflect the stylish sophistication of couture. 


UND's Logo

~90 pieces ranging from $23-$178

UND designs minimalist bikinis and one-pieces with classic cuts that can be worn through multiple seasons. The swimsuits are seamless for comfort and style. Both bikinis and one-pieces come in nature-inspired colors.

These bathing suits can be worn for years, so they are worth the investment. UND stands out from other swimsuit brands because of its commitment to sustainability.

Its textiles are made with recycled fibers. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection is manufactured in limited qualities, adding to the exclusivity of the pieces.

La Revêche

lareveche's logo

~65 pieces ranging from $206-$389

La Revêche’s founder, Sarah Melis, sought to create swimwear with high-quality tailoring. La Revêche’s bikini line has sinuous designs, intended to enhance your silhouette.

The handcrafted swimsuits have exquisite details, like floral and crystal appliques. These bikinis are statement pieces. Many of the one-pieces have unique cutouts and accents that show a sense of geometric playfulness. Expert tailors handcraft La Revêche’s swimwear in Sardinia, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to fine quality. Current collections include swimsuits for women and children.


Lido's logo

~40 pieces ranging from $130-$240

Founded in 2016 by Daria Stankiewicz, Lido’s swimwear reimagines classic and contemporary bikini designs.

This independent brand’s mission is to design basic swimwear that dries quickly and allows freedom of movement. Lido is based in Northern Italy, where artisans design and manufacture Lido’s swimwear.

Both bikinis and one-pieces have minimalist cuts and many color options to choose from. In July 2022, Lido collaborated with ISSIMO to make bikinis inspired by classic drinks: the Negroni and the Aperol Spritz.


aurumroma's brand logo

~50 pieces ranging from $113-$214

Aurumroma is a swimwear and apparel brand based in Rome. Co-founders Michele Morrone and Chiara Pollano used Rome and ancient mythology as inspirations for their current beachwear line.

Designers construct bikinis and one-piece suits with detailed craftsmanship and high-quality textiles. The swimwear has intricate detailing inspired by stories of cultures, myths, and astrology. Aurumroma’s website tells the story behind some of its designs.

Morrone is best known for his starring role in the Netflix series 365 Days. His work as an actor makes him the perfect voice for a swimwear brand with stories to tell.


kampos' brand logo

62 pieces ranging from $106-$222

KAMPOS is an innovative Italian swimwear brand that uses marine pollution to create luxury, handcrafted swimwear. Materials like fishing nets and recycled textiles are reused to create high-quality, innovative swimsuits.

KAMPOS designs and manufactures sustainable, long-lasting swimwear. The brand creates swim attire for men, women, and children with aquatic-inspired names to raise awareness about marine life.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its 100% recyclable packaging. KAMPOS also donates to projects that conserve coral reefs and support climate research.


seay brand logo

~25 pieces ranging from $44-$110

SEAY’s mission is to create swimwear for men and women using biodegradable and recycled materials. Its swimwear line has a variety of bikini and one-pieces cut in bright, bold colors.

This company has sustainable certifications from Global Recycled Standard and Oeko-tex® for its use of safe, high-quality fabrics.

SEAY also started the Re3 initiative. This recycling program encourages customers to send their damaged clothes to SEAY for a 20% discount. The company sells, donates, or repurposes the used clothes into other fabrics.

Isole & Vulcani

isol & vulcani's brand logo

~400 pieces ranging from $33-123

Isole & Vulcani, which translates to “Islands & Volcanoes” in English, is another sustainable swimwear company.

Their swimsuits come in bold, solid colors inspired by the Sicilian island, Filicudi. The minimalist designs have classic silhouettes that are intended for long-term wear. Bikinis can be mixed or matched, for a greater range of looks.

Isole & Vulcani designs swimwear for both women and children with organic cotton textiles. The island-inspired designs are handcrafted with natural fibers for a tailored fit.

Festa Foresta

festa foresta's brand logo

~18 pieces ranging from $57-$150

The idea for Festa Foresta came to Italian architect Laura Zura-Puntaroni in 2020. Her vision was to create a sustainable, ethically made swimwear line.

This body-positive apparel company designs beachwear that adapts to your body’s shape. The swimsuits are seamless and created to move comfortably with your body. The beachwear collection is made of recycled polyester and cotton with biodegradable nylon.

These fast-drying swimsuits come in a range of solid colors. Their bikinis are designed with longevity in mind because the brand believes swimwear should last beyond summer. Festa Foresta’s garments are durable, timeless pieces that will last.


34 pieces ranging from $95-$215

Masarà, which means “soaking wet,” is a Milan-based swimwear brand. Its philosophy is to emphasize quality over quantity, in classic, minimalist styles.

Masarà’s collections are released in limited editions. The brand considers cost per wear carefully, believing that the high-quality structure will contribute to the garment’s longevity. Swimsuits currently come in eight colors.

In addition to bathing suits, the brand makes wraps and headbands. Masarà considers sustainability at each part of the supply chain, including fabric, manufacturing, tags, and packaging.

Their swimwear line is made with ECONYL®, which is a regenerative nylon that is recycled and reused. Its Spring/Summer 2023 collection features spring blossom and chocolate brown as signature colors.

Laura Urbinati

laura urbinati's brand logo

~80 pieces ranging from $217-316

Fashion designer and celebrity stylist, Laura Urbinati, envisioned a brand of stylish sophistication inspired by the colors of Malibu and Rome.

Her company’s aesthetic is timeless prints with intricate details. Urbinati’s love for museums and fine art inspired her perception of swimwear. Prints have influences of fine arts, like modernism and print blocking.

Swimsuits are cut carefully, so they can conform comfortably to your body. The Spring/Summer 2023 collection includes prints in a variety of one-pieces, bikinis, trousers, maxi dresses, robes, and accessories. Urbinati’s collections extend beyond swimwear to include apparel and home decor.

Feel me Fab

feel me fab's brand logo

54 pieces ranging from $178-$245

A grandmother’s sarong was the inspiration behind the Italian swimwear brand Feel me Fab.

Cofounders Veronica Vangelisti and Sofia Turconi wanted to create a brand steeped in nostalgia for the past.

Their swimwear comes in vibrant patterns designed to hug the feminine shape. The brand is inclusive of all sizes. The Spring/Summer 2023 collection features contemporary resort wear for women, including swimwear, sarongs, trousers, and maxi dresses.

This versatile collection can be worn anywhere. Feel me Fab is an eco-friendly brand too and its items are created without plastic. The designs are consciously created to be sustainable, minimalist, and long-lasting.

Clara Aestas

clara aestas brand logo

~53 pieces ranging from $112-$274

The name Clara Aestas translates to “bright summer.” The luxury brand sells swimwear and activewear for women.

Swimsuits and coverups are handmade with innovative, glamorous designs. The detailed craftsmanship makes each item in the collection exclusive. The brand’s Summer 2023 collection has lively pastel shades. Bikinis and one-piece suits are detailed with macrame lace.

The Angel collection’s embellishments look like embroidered wings, emphasizing the brand’s dreamy, romantic vibes. Clara Aestas’ Bridal collection has beachwear with fine detailing in white shades. The brand even has an artisan jewelry line.

Los Trapitos al Sol

los trapitos al sol brand logo

~43 pieces ranging from $87-$200

Fashion designer Carolina Sanchez saw a gap in the swimwear market for high-quality, customized swimsuits. In 2012, she launched her Milan-based swimwear company, Los Trapitos al Sol.

Sanchez’s travels to Europe, Latin America, South America inspired her vision for the brand. Her swimsuits have bright, tropical prints accompanied by streamlined Italian craftsmanship.

The brand currently has three collections: Gardenias de mi Amor, La Hacienda, and Salon Amador. Sanchez’s swimwear designs are playful, with a variety of silhouettes. Sanchez integrates ruffles, bandeaus, halter tops, and one-shoulder looks into her designs.

Los Trapitos al Sol is also a sustainable company. The brand observes its supply chain to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Mimì à la Mer

Mimì à la Mer logo

~54 pieces ranging from $153-$202

Mimì à la Mer, which translates to “Mimi by the sea,” is a swimwear brand founded by Milanese designer, Michela Occhetto.

Occhetto’s designs are inspired by her fascination for vintage style and the sea. The brand’s beachwear has prints and color palettes inspired by the 1970s and 1980s. Designs capture the elegance and refinement of the past with contemporary influences.

Swimwear has circular metal detailing and includes a range of original cuts for customers to choose from. The company also crafts swimwear for mothers and daughters, so they can coordinate looks.

Mimì à la Mer releases exclusive collections in limited quantities. This business model allows the company to craft garments with high-quality materials.

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