Hipster Bikini: Meaning, Styles and More

What is a hipster bikini?

A hipster bikini refers to a two-piece women’s swimsuit featuring bikini bottoms with a lower rise height that sits below the navel on the hips rather than the waist.

Below are the characteristics of hipster bikinis:

Low-slung fit: The top hem rests several inches below the belly button across the hip bones, exposing a strip of lower abdomen and upper groin. This distinguishes hipsters from mid or high-rise bikini styles.

Moderate rear coverage: Cheek cleavage exposure ranges from partial to full coverage depending on personal preference and style elements like ruching or thong additions. Basic hipster silhouettes provide more coverage than a thong or G-string back.

Boho, retro vibe: Hipster bikinis emanate 70’s, 90’s influences with low-slung waists, high-cut thighs, and cheeky rears. Retro color palettes, crochet textures and hippie elements enhance the carefree bohemian aesthetic.

High cut thighs: Leg openings cut high to expose upper portion of the outer thighs. Creates the illusion of longer legs compared to low-rise bottoms with less thigh exposure.

Emphasizes hips: The low waistline highlights the natural inward curve of the waist to the fuller hip region. This creates an hourglass shape by accentuating feminine hip curves.

Different hipster bikini styles

Scrunch rear: Adding ruching (tight gathered rows of fabric) on rear center seam creates definition through hips and butt. Ruching lifts, enhances curvature.

Side tie strings: Straps extending from the hem allow tying bows at the outer hips for a more secure fit and showcased hip indent.

Thong/G-string back: For those wanting less rear coverage, a thong bottom attaches to hipster front with single strap across upper glutes and top of crack.

High cut legs: Going beyond a standard hipster, extra high cut legs on the outer thighs combine two skin-baring elements—low waist and bare thighs.

Retro patterns: Hippie florals, bohemian tiles and abstract prints nod to the style’s 70’s free-spirited roots.

How should a hipster bikini fit?

A properly fitted hipster bikini bottom should adhere smoothly to the hips and pelvic region without major sagging or gapping. The fabric fully encircles the body with adequate tension to avoid rolling over at the waistline or drifting down while wearing.

Waistband placement: The top hem hits at or below the navel so abdominal indent visible. Low enough to showcase hip bones without seeming like it may slide off.

Leg openings: The inner leg seam runs high along crease between thigh and groin to create lift. Outer side may expose half to most of rear cheek curvature depending on preferences. Edges lie smooth, no biting.

Front panel tautness: Fabric should prevent revealing too much below the bikini line when moving yet not be uncomfortably tight on lower abdomen. No loose bunching.

Full gluteal coverage: Buttocks feel fully supported through rear without half moons peeking through leg holes. Rear gathering optional.

Pros and cons of hipster bikinis


  • Flattering for many body types: The hipster bikini bottom flatters those with curvier hips and rear ends by balancing proportions. For athletic builds, the low waistline creates an elongating effect on the torso. The straight waist minimizes muffin tops.
  • Allows mix-and-match with various tops: A lower rise bottom gives versatility to layer trendy cropped tops. The hips remain covered so you can pair hipster bottoms with triangles, bandeaus or underwire bras.
  • Provides ample rear coverage: The backside coverage hits right at the cheek curve divide, revealing little to no rear cleavage. This mid-level coverage offers security during activity.
  • Gives vintage, retro vibe: The hipster bikini channels 70s belly button baring designs and 90s beach fashion. This nostalgic style remains fresh and chic season after season.
  • Creates low-slung tan lines: Wearing hipster bikinis develops an even tan across the lower abdomen since the waistband dips so low. The leg openings tan the sides of hips and upper thighs.


  • Risks overexposure with high cut legs: Some hipster bikini bottoms have leg openings extremely high on the hips which can lead to revealing too much. Styles with very elevated side seams defect the retro look.
  • Requires diligent sunscreen application: The expansive area of exposed lower torso demands vigilant waterproof sunscreen application when lounging and swimming. Redness and burns on the stomach area hurt.
  • Not suitable for all activities: During active water sports, a hipster bikini bottom could shift to overexpose you. The plunging front waist works best for relaxed poolside posing rather than running and jumping.
  • Can dig into hips: Hipster bikini bottoms with tight, narrow waistbands that cinch below hip bones feel uncomfortable. The tension leads to irritation and skin indentations along the waistline.
  • Higher maintenance for grooming: Like any low-rise swimsuit, hipster bikinis necessitate consistent bikini line grooming and upkeep to avoid embarrassing stray hairs peaking out.

Should I wear hipster bikinis?

When considering if hipster bikini bottoms offer an ideal style choice, assess your priorities for coverage, how the retro look complements your figure, and your comfort level revealing skin at the navel.

Body shape

FLATTERS: Hourglass, pear shapes, full bust and hips, plus size frames

DOWNSIDES: Tall or long torsos, very petite builds, boyish hips


REQUIRES: Lower bikini area grooming, tanning with minimal lines

AVOID IF: You dislike maintaining below-belly stubble and tan lines


GOOD IF: You like vintage style, value stomach coverage

NOT IF: You feel modesty inhibitions or embarrass easily


APPROPRIATE: Family beaches, pools, laidback vacations

NOT IDEAL: Parties, edgy clubs, risqué adult events

The hipster bikini bottom highlights feminine curves while providing tasteful coverage of the midsection. For women seeking fashionable retro style with adequate rear draping without going full granny panty, the cheeky cool vibe of the hipster bikini brings a perfect balance. But the distinctive low waist only suits those willing to bare their navel and maintain the extended bikini line.

Price range for hipster bikinis

When it comes to cost, hipster bikini bottoms vary in price based primarily on the fabric type, quality, brand notoriety, and any decorative details. The amount of fabric needed is relatively consistent across hipster styles, so extraneous factors have a larger influence on price.

On the affordable end, basic hipster bikini bottoms made of standard nylon/spandex blends retail between $15 to $30 at large chain stores or online mass retailers. These offer simple solid colors or basic prints without upscale features.

The middle range for hipster bikinis from recognized swimwear labels like Roxy, Hurley, and Free People is $40 to $70 per bottom. This adds details like contrast stitching, hardware accents, mixed fabric patterns, and gripper tape inside the legs. Athletic hipster bottoms with performance features like stretch compression fabrics to enable sports also hit this price point.

Designer and couture hipster bikinis utilizing ultra luxe fabrics with embellishments like leather, mesh, or beads command $80 to $250+ per bottom piece. Exclusive details on haute couture hipsters include hand-crafted metallic slider hardware, laser cut designs, and inserts of semiprecious stones or crystals.

Swimwear styles similar to hipster bikinis

Given its middle ground aesthetic revealing some curves while still feeling secure, various swimsuit styles share similarities and overlap with the hipster bikini.

Midrise bikini: Much like hipster bikinis, midrise bikini bottoms rest a few inches below the belly button and feature leg openings stretching horizontally across the upper hips. Midrise suits offer slightly more coverage and a higher waistband position.

Retro high-waisted bikini: Drawing inspiration from vintage swimwear, high waisted bikini bottoms display a similar coverage profile to hipsters. The difference lies in the higher waistband rising to the natural waist. This style also incorporates ruched detailing at the sides.

Modest cheeky bikini: Cheeky bikinis bare a glimpse of the rear while still covering most of the curvature. Modest cheekies expose less than extreme variants, aligning closely with coverage of hipster bikini bottoms.

Athleisure sport bikini: Active swimwear utilizes compressive fabrics similar in area and exposure to hipsters, but with an athletic appearance from color blocking. The leg openings hit at the same upper hip positioning as well.

Midthigh minimizer bikini: Designed to slim thick thighs and hips, minimizer bikini bottoms utilize strategic seaming and fabric mixes to improve problem areas in a comparable rise and cut to hipsters.

What is the difference between a hipster bikini and a regular bikini?

Hipster bikinis differentiate from regular bikini bottoms primarily based on the rise, leg shape, and coverage profile. While a classic bikini bottom has some stylistic flexibility, hipsters constitute their own defined category.

Rise & Waist Position

The most noticeable difference comes in the rise, referring to the height of the waistband relative to the navel. Regular bikini bottoms traditionally sit right at or slightly below the belly button. Hipster bikinis instead position 3 to 5 inches below the navel, resting on the upper hip bones laterally.

Because hipster bikinis occupy vertical space between the waist and hips, they synergize well with cropped tops and high necklines that fall above the bottoms’ waistband. Regular bikini tops overlap the waistband, covering where hipster bikini waists expose skin.

Leg Shape

Hipster bikinis trace the upper hip bone with their side seam shape and leg openings. The fabric follows the hip’s rounded contour, dipping in towards the inner thigh. Regular bikini legs instead run straighter across the upper thigh without rounding near the hip bones.

Hipsters also frequently incorporate diagonal side seams angling upwards from the crotch to the waist, further showcasing the hips. This elongates the legs visually. Most regular bikini legs sit horizontally across the thighs.

Coverage & Exposure

Overall, hipster bikinis reveal more skin than regular bikini bottoms due to their lower positioning and rounded leg lines accentuating leggy hip curves. They still provide ample coverage of the rear and front compared to more daring cuts.

Conversely, regular bikini bottoms offer full coverage of the hips and rear with minimal exposure of the thighs and side waist. More fabric lends a more secure, less risqué feel than hipster bikinis.

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