what are the best swimwera for saggy breasts

What Swimsuits Should I Wear If I Have Saggy Breasts?

Your girls are beautiful, your girls deserve better suits, and the shapes of your girls don’t matter because

Sagging boobs are normal boobs

differnt types of saggy breasts

Sagging breasts are a normal, natural part of life. Over time, effects such as decreased estrogen lead to your boobs sagging. Dropping of the breast tissue is also known as “breast ptosis.”

Saggy breasts have the nipple point downwards, and the breast’s top area isn’t as full.

The degree of sagging is influenced by the positioning of the nipple in relation to the breast fold, with a nipple located above the fold line considered to be within the normal range.

Having saggy boobs is a natural phenomenon and completely understandable, such that a woman shouldn’t be ashamed.  

Sagging boobs result from a combination of gravitational pull, weakened Cooper’s ligament, decreased skin elasticity due to aging, and breaking down of the mammary glands, menopause, pregnancy, etc.

Change in your breast shape isn’t dangerous, and it shouldn’t worry you or affect the quality of your life.

Why do I have saggy breasts?

You may get saggy breasts for many reasons

These factors include:

  • Aging: Aging catches up to each one of us. Your breasts sagging is a normal process as you get older, especially in menopause, because the hormonal changes affect the volume and structure of the breast tissue.
  • Rapid weight fluctuations: People with lower weight have smaller boobs, while those with more weight have larger breasts.
  • Breast size: Stretching of Cooper’s ligament is more common in women with larger breasts. Generally, those with much smaller breasts don’t experience significant sagging. 
  • Smoking: It accelerates aging, contributing to sagging breasts even early on in life.
  • Multiple pregnancies: Hormonal changes during pregnancy shrink and expand milk ducts during each pregnancy, leading to sagging tissue. 

Larger breast sizes have a higher chance of sagging because a higher breast mass becomes more susceptible to gravitational pull. 

However, according to studies, there are debunked causes of saggy breasts, such as breastfeeding, which doesn’t affect breast firmness. Other myths include exercising and wearing a bra.

What kind of bathing suit is best for saggy breasts?

Here are the swimsuit designs to keep your boobs in check:

Bikini tops

the kind of bikini tops that are best for saggy breasts
  • Underwire bikini tops for D+ cup sizes with assorted beach patterns.
  • Plunging bikini tops with crossover backstraps for the ultimate support.
  • Flouncy bikini tops that’ll allow you to flaunt without the fear of your boob popping out.
  • Push-up padded halter bikini tops have firm and molded cups and the wide straps offer enough support for larger boobs.
  • Balconette bikini sets with a longline design offer great support, thanks to the molded cups and adjustable straps.

One-piece swimsuits

  • Compression-fit one-piece swimsuits keep everything in place
  • Monokinis with a mesh cutout, so you don’t accidentally flash people.
  • One-piece peplum with a mesh overlay and underwire.
  • High-neck bathing suits ensure no side boob while offering plenty of support.

How do I wear a swimsuit or bikini top with saggy breasts?

Here’s a list of certain features to look for in swimsuits that offer the support you need to keep your girls looking perky and in place. 

Compression fabric

A swimsuit with great quality compression fabric keeps your breasts lifted, in place, and hugged close to the body. Compression fabric is one of the most powerful features on your swimsuit to take care of sagging boobs. 

Wide shoulder straps

Wider shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight of sagging boobs to prevent the swimsuit straps from digging into flesh. Also, the wider shoulder straps add additional support, ensuring a comfortable fit. 

Side boning bikini tops

This swimsuit top design has a vertical piece placed under either side of the arms of each booby, which gives the chest a lifted and perky appearance. It creates a flattering look and smoothes the back wings, lessening underarm bulging. 

Convertible and adjustable shoulder straps

Your ability to wear and adjust swimsuit straps should be top-notch. In addition, crisscrossing shoulder straps add much-needed support to your sagging bust.

Underwire cups

An underwire is vital if you want a lifted, supported feel for your heavy chest. Underwires come in one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and bikinis.  The underwire is usually hidden to give a swimsuit a more traditional look. But if you wish for an edgy, provocative look, shop for swimsuits without hidden underwires.

Adjustable backstraps

Adjustable backstraps help keep the breasts in place for a customized fit like your favorite bra.

Bra-like fit where you shop by cup size

If you have a larger bust needing extra support, then you should find swimsuits with a bra-like fit. Buying swimsuits by cup size means you use the bra cup size to find the perfect fit.

Molded cups

Molded cups give you a perky, lifted fit, which allows you to place the breast tissue into the cups, leaving a smooth, round appearance. These swimsuits have structured, sturdy foam material that works well to lift the breasts, shaping them into a feminine silhouette. 

Fixing saggy boobs in bathing suits (naturally)

While you may not completely restore the original position and shape of your breasts without options like surgery, there are steps you can take to improve their appearance and lift. These include:

Boob tape

you can use tapes to lift saggy breasts

Booby tape lifts your breasts and gives you the desired outcome when wearing a bra isn’t the best option. The adhesive fabric covers and supports breasts even in the most complicated silhouettes like swimsuits.

Underwired fits

bikini tops with underwired cups for better breast support

They offer plenty of support that helps lift sagging breasts. It’s also the best option to go lightweight and padding-free without compromising support.

Padded fits

Padded swimwear supports the breasts while giving you the much-needed round look. 

Cupped fits

Swimwear that allows you to fit into your normal bra cup size is an excellent option for offering great support on your swimwear.

Halter straps

Swimwear with halter straps is an excellent option for lifting saggy breasts without an underwire. 

Athletic one-piece swimsuits

They’re sporty and offer great support. Plus, they also have adjustable straps and padded cups for additional comfort. 

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