Fitness Swimsuit: Workout Bathing Suit Styles & More

What Is Fitness Swimwear?

Fitness swimsuits, also known as workout bathing suits or active swimwear, are a type of performance swimwear engineered for rugged durability, unrestricted mobility, and functional features to meet the demands of vigorous physical activities in and around water.

While regular recreational swimsuits work fine for relaxed pool lounging or light splashing around, their delicate fabrics and flimsy construction quickly show limitations during hardcore water exercise. The vigorous motions of sports like swimming laps, aqua aerobics, paddleboarding, or beach running readily cause uncomfortable riding up, gaping, sagging, and even tearing.

Here’s where ruggedly reinforced fitness swimsuits save the day! Their specialized designs allow women to engage in robust athletic pursuits in the water while still feeling sexy and stylish, not frumpy and out-of-place.

Defining Features of Workout Swimsuits

Several signature features characterize and define true fitness swimwear compared to fashion swim styles or casual recreational suits:

  • Durable fabrics with mechanical stretch and shape retention
  • Compressed fits for streamlined performance
  • Strategic coverage over bust, rear, and torso
  • Reinforced structure at stress points
  • Chlorine and saltwater resistance
  • Quick-drying and moisture wicking
  • UPF sun protection
  • Antimicrobial technology to minimize odors
  • Abrasion-resistant textiles

Workout bathing suits utilize high-tech blends combining polyester, nylon, and spandex to create ultra-resilient fabrics that move with the body. The material feels cool and slick to minimize skin irritation and chafing when working hard. Their durable interlocked knit construction prevents see-through issues. And their smooth, compressed fit creates a body-hugging second skin.

Common Types of Fitness & Active Swimsuits

Performance swimwear for demanding athletic activities comes in a few popular specialized suit silhouettes. These include workout one-piece styles, athletic bikinis, modest exercise suits, and competitive style racing suits.

Athletic One-Piece Swimsuits

Athletic one-piece swimsuits dominate the performance swim category, especially for lap swimming. Their full-torso coverage stays put while their back-baring designs allow free range of motion. Scooped open backs facilitate shoulder rotation. High sturdy necklines supply bounce control. Many feature geometric cutouts and strappy details to prevent tan lines and enhance flexibility. Thick straps stay anchored through vigorous activity.

Workout Bikinis & Two-Pieces

For women who dislike full-body coverage, workout bikinis and two-pieces make an enticing alternative that still deliver rugged durability. Combining athletic crop top bikini tops with high-waisted bottoms creates a two-piece that moves seamlessly with the body. Such combo workout suits provide ample support through reinforced shelf bra cups, cargo short-style bottoms, and crossback straps with restricted stretch. These also allow versatile mixing and matching between different tops and bottoms for customized sporty style.

Modest Athletic Swimsuits

Modest workout swimwear caters to athletic ladies seeking more coverage for cultural reasons or personal preferences while remaining streamlined and functional. Key features of modest fitness swimsuits include:

  • Higher necklines (scoop, crew, polo, mock turtleneck)
  • Capped sleeves or light raglan sleeves
  • Knee-length hemlines
  • Opaque, lightweight fabrics
  • Flatlock seams to prevent skin exposure
  • UV protection

Many religiously-observant women opt for these active modest suits when participating in mixed-gender swimming sessions. The extra coverage allows them to maintain privacy and confidence while enjoying the water.

Competition Racing Suits

Serious swimmers training for races or competition rely on racing suits engineered strictly for speed and peak performance. Racing suits feature:

  • Seamless compressive construction
  • Ultra light, slick fabrics
  • Muscle-compressing panels
  • Hydrophobic and hydrodynamic textiles
  • Ankle-to-wrist coverage
  • Open mesh panels for breathability

The ultra minimalist designs focus exclusively on shaving off milliseconds during competitions. All features aim towards strength, speed, and agility with no excess fabric whatsoever.

What to Look for When Shopping for Workout Swimwear?

When shopping for sturdy, water-resistant athletic bathing suits built to get wet and wild, keep the following performance criteria in mind:

Fabric Content

Scan for fabrics delivering both stretchy flexibility and shape retention like:

  • Nylon
  • Lycra
  • Spandex
  • Polyester

Anything less than 80% polyester risks durability issues. Avoid 100% cotton suits lacking stretch and structure. Ideal fiber blends fuse polyester with spandex, nylon, and Lycra for blended benefits.

Comfort Features

Seeking moisture control technology helps regulate body temperature during vigorous workouts. This includes:

  • Ventilation panels
  • Breathable mesh
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics to repel wetness
  • Quick-dry textiles

Ensure any rubberized elastic bands lay flat without cutting in painfully. Opt for fused rather than raw elastic edging. Flatlock stitching prevents skin irritation over long periods of movement.

Support Level

Assess & confirm suits deliver ample support through:

  • Non-slip straps staying put on shoulders
  • Soft cup bras with media support for larger busts
  • Encapsulation sport bra styles to minimize bounce
  • Wide banding under bust
  • Torso control compression
  • High cut legs to avoid creeping up

Coverage & Modesty

Evaluate if suits match personal preferences for skin shown such as:

  • Higher necklines
  • Capped sleeves
  • Shorts-length bottoms
  • Skirted swim shorts
  • Thumb-loop sleeve cuffs

Durability & Protection

Verify if suits deliver resistance towards:

  • Chlorine fading
  • Saltwater corrosion
  • Sun exposure through UPF ratings
  • Pilling from Velcro or straps
  • Snagging on pool surfaces/equipment

Reinforced fabric weight and interlock knit construction prevents see-through issues when saturated. Lining adds opaqueness.

Popular Brands for Workout Swimwear

Many mainstream swimwear labels now offer specialized workout collections. But certain brands stake their entire reputation on high-performance aquatic gear built to get wet and wild during hardcore training.

TYR Sport

Favored by competitive swimmers, TYR Sport engineers cutting-edge tech suits and goggles meeting true athlete expectations. Their workout suits fuse futuristic fabrics with anatomical compression construction honed in competitive waters.

Arena Swimwear

Targeting aquatic sports from lap swimming to water polo, Arena Powerskin suits deliver concentrated control panels, hydrofoil-inspired seam placement, and ultra thin yet durable composite textiles.

Dolfin Swimwear

Trusted by college varsity swim teams, Dolfin crafts durable performance suits with Intelligent Compression lining. Their popular Uglies mix wild prints with reliable quality.

Speedo Endurance

Legendary British swimwear pioneers Speedo enjoy worldwide recognition for their technical innovations enhancing speed and endurance. The Endurance line specifically targets training durability.

What Are Some Athletic One-Piece Swimsuit Styles?

When seeking full-torso coverage in a rugged one-piece suitable to withstand water pressures, opt for these sporty silhouettes:

Swim Dresses

Blending athletic performance with feminine flair, swim dress suits feature inner compression lining covered by a stylish skirted overlay. Popular versions include color-block panels, asymmetric designs, and faux wrap fronts.

Surf Suits

Engineered to withstand pummeling waves, surf suits feature long sleeves, mock necks, and ankle or knee-length hemlines. Thumb loops, chin guards, and UPF boost durability. Neoprene variations add insulation and float.


Geared for windsurfing, sailing, paddleboarding and other surface sports, wetsuits utilize neoprene for warmth, buoyancy, and abrasion resistance. Strategic stretch panels retain flexibility for demanding maneuvers. Open collar styles offer ventilation.

Athleisure Suit

Fusing fitness and leisure aesthetics, athleisure suits mimic chic yoga outfits with elements like color block side panels, contrast piping trim, and flattering ruched seaming.

Sporty Cutout Suit

Fun geometric cutouts amp up plain one-piece silhouettes with athletic allure. Common distributions include sharp angles under the bust, tapered stripes down sides, and slender lines across the lower back.

Workout Bikini Tops

Mix and match between a variety of supportive bikini tops compatible with active bottoms to create customized workout sets:

Encapsulation Sport Tops

Featuring underwire cups with inner pockets encapsulating each breast for bounce reduction and shape definition.

Compression Crop Tops

Athletic cropped tops with built-in shelf bra compression for intense activity. Thick shoulder straps stay anchored.

Halter Bikini Tops

Secure tie-back closures allow adjustable fits customized to bust size. Some add clear straps across shoulder blades to increase stability.

Mastectomy Suit Tops

Crafted specifically for breast cancer survivors, these include integrated prosthetic pockets, modest necklines, and multiple adjustment points for convenient post-operative recovery.

Workout Bikini Bottoms

Durable bottoms able to provide ample coverage during constant motion:

Swim Boy Shorts

The extra length and fit of swim boy shorts supply comfortable coverage staying put through jumping jacks, squats, running. They resemble bike shorts in lightweight swim fabrics.

Athletic Bikini Bottoms

Athletic bikini bottoms have a high-cut leg, thick sides, and sturdy rear coverage. Some feature inner compression lining or perforated eyelet fabrics for ventilation during sweaty training.

Skirted Bottoms

The lightweight tiered skirt overlay provides stylish coverage and shadowing over standard bikini bottom silhouettes.

Bathing Suits with UV Sun Protection Features

Performance suits utilize integrated UV blocking technology to support extended outdoor training:

UPF Ratings

Certified UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) scores verify a fabric’s ability to block UV rays across varying prices points. UPF 50+ is ideal for lengthy sun exposure during outdoor swims and activities.

Rash Guards

Close-fitting, lightweight rash guard shirts shield the skin from abrasive surfboards, paddles, pull buoys when training. Their stretchy composition moves smoothly with the body. Long sleeve versions protect shoulders and biceps from sun damage.

Sun Protective Fabric Technology

Technical fabrics like chlorine-resistant Italian solotex, moisture-wicking supplex nylon, and fast-drying excelon provide built-in UV resistance benefiting dedicated aquatic athletes.

Maternity Athletic Swimsuits

Maternity athletic swimsuits allow pregnant and nursing mothers to continue swimming and water exercises throughout their pregnancy while adapting to their changing figures.

Support Features

  • Wider straps and banding avoiding dig
  • Reinforcing rings hooking straps together across back
  • Adjustable tie-backs to fine tune fit
  • Non-compressive soft cup bras

Design Adjustments

  • Side ruching expands with growing belly
  • Bandeau tops layer over stomach
  • Looser waistbands wearing higher and higher
  • Nursing clips open easier than traditional clasps

Many athletic brands offer special maternity lines focused on light compression and strategic stretch paneling around the midsection to comfortably accommodate advancing pregnancy.

Can I wear a regular bikini to work out in water?

We do not recommend wearing flimsy string bikinis lacking proper support for vigorous water activity. The minimal coverage risks uncomfortable riding up or nip slips during constant motion. Athletic swimsuits engineered to lock in place and move with your body make a much better match for robust workouts in the water.

What fabric is best for athletic swimwear?

Look for at least 80% polyester content blended with spandex/Lycra for ideal stretch retention that also resists sagging when wet. Polyester composite textiles like Excelon, Supplex, or Solotex offer lightweight durability even after repeated exposure to chemicals and sunlight.

Can I swim laps in a workout swimsuit?

Absolutely! Athletic swimsuits specifically target the demands of lap swimming such as shoulder rotation, kicking sets, and flip turns. Their smooth composite fabrics cut through water without absorbency or drag slowing you down. Many brands market training suits directly at competitive swimmers.

What swimsuit is best for surfing or windsurfing?

Seek a high-neck wetsuit or windsurfing suit with UV protection, insulation, and buoyancy to withstand pounding waves and abrasive boards. Sturdy neoprene or nylon/spandex blends withstand intense activity in open waters better than a basic polyester suit.

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