Square Neck Swimsuit: One-Pieces, Top Styles & More

What is a Square Neck Swimsuit?

A square neck swimsuit refers to any bathing suit featuring a straight, angular neckline that crosses horizontally across the collarbone region. This geometric neck shape creates a square-like appearance, hence the name. Square neck swimwear includes both one-piece suits and two-piece bikini tops designed with this distinctive straight-edged décolletage.

The structured right angle of a square neckline differs from the rounded curves of sweetheart, scoop, and V-shaped suit necks. The sharp corner edges make for a bold, modern style statement. Square necks work especially well on swimsuits with athletic-inspired cuts, minimal details, and clean lines.

Key attributes defining the square neck swimsuit style include:

  • Neckline – Cut straight across chest approximately 2-3 inches below collarbone
  • Shoulders – Often shown bare without straps or sleeves
  • Bust – Styles may be cropped above underbust or full coverage
  • Straps – Thin over-the-shoulder straps when not strapless
  • Support – Some contain soft cups, side boning for structure
  • Fabrics – Lycra, nylon/spandex blends, Italian microfibers

What Are the Different Square Neckline Shapes & Styles?

While always featuring the signature 90-degree corner angle, square neck swimsuits utilize various depths, widths, and placements of the neckline:

  • Broad square neck – Wide straight neckline baring much of chest and shoulders
  • Deep-cut square – Dropping lower on bust to show enhanced cleavage
  • Asymmetrical square – Angled higher on one side, off-centered
  • Crisscross square – Wrapped neck strap forms square shape
  • Double spaghetti square – Parallel skinny straps frame neckline
  • High square neck – Hits collarbone or base of neck for modesty

History of the Square Neck Swimsuit Style

The genesis of the square neckline emerged in the fashion world during the 1920s, an era defined by structural minimalism and Art Deco style. Iconic French designer Coco Chanel pioneered straight, squared neck cuts on shift dresses and blouses as a modern contrast to ornamental Edwardian frills.

Over subsequent decades, simplified square neck shapes repeatedly resurged in popularity across sleeveless tanks, pullovers, sundresses, and bodysuits. The strong-lined geometric décolletage communicates understated sophistication and avant-garde appeal.

Emergence in Swimwear

By the 1970s, the striking square neckline migrated from apparel onto the first major wave of athletic one-piece maillot swimsuits. These competitive swimsuits featured the bold neck treatment along with deep cutouts at the lower torso.

When 1980s workout gear trended towards geometric designs, high-cut square neck aerobics leotards surfaced as a stylish fitness staple. Their flattering shaping soon inspired square necklines on body-conscious swimming attire as well.

Over subsequent decades, the fashion world continuously reimagined the structural square neck shape in modern ways. By the early 2000s, flirty two-piece bikinis adapted the graphic décolletage into bandeaus, crop tops, and triangle tops. The signature 90-degree corner shape offered an edgy counterbalance to frilly trends.

Types of Swimsuits Featuring Square Necklines

Women’s swimwear styles utilizing the signature square neckline include:

One-Piece Suits

  • Athletic maillots – Sleek nylon/spandex suits for training, racing, competition swimming
  • Sporty scoopbacks – Single-strap style with scooped backline
  • Cutout monokinis – High cut leg; front/side torso cutouts
  • Plunging V necklines – Deep front V-neck accentuated with square corners
  • Crisscross backs – Wrapped straps shape angular front neckline
  • Bandeau necklines – Straight-cut strapless neck shapes
  • Surplice wraps – Crisscrossing neckline straps tie at bust/waist

Two-Piece Tops

  • Bandeau bikini – Strapless tube top with structured straight neckline
  • Sport crop top – Cropped length with square front neck and racerback
  • Halter bikini – Ties wrap up to shape angular neck corners
  • Triangle bikini – Top points converge to create central square shape
  • Bralette bikini – Soft cups with horizontal straight neckline
  • One-shoulder – Single diagonal strap extends to opposite side
  • Off-the-shoulder – Horizontal straight neckline sits below shoulders

Which Body Types Suit Square Neck Bathing Suits?

The structured square neckline works magic by enhancing cleavage on small busts yet downplaying mass on fuller figures. Angular lines carve a waist on boyish silhouettes and elongate horizontal rectangular shapes. Well-supported design prevents bouncing during activity.

Flattering Features

Details explaining why square neck swimwear compliments these body characteristics include:

  • Showcases collarbone/décolletage area on narrow frames
  • Lengthens look of short torsos by drawing eyes down
  • Adds curves on athletic straight-up-and-down builds
  • Minimizes appearance of larger busts; controls spillage
  • Defines waistline; cinched-in look on boxy figures
  • Strong lines cut horizontally to widen look of narrow shoulders
  • Elongates neck and balances broad shoulders/bust

Best Suited For…

Based on the above effect, the top body types most ideally flattered by square neck swimsuits are:

  • Athletic rectangular – Defined waist; perceived upper body curves
  • Inverted triangle busty – Draws eyes down from ample bust; balancing
  • Oval or round – Contours slimming waistline on curvy fuller middles
  • Short waist petite – Visually elongates compact torso
  • Narrow straight boyish – Creates illusion of feminine curves on straight slim frames

What Are Some Flattering Square Neck Swimsuit Styles?

Certain suit silhouettes make the most of the strong graphic square neckline for a bold fashion statement. Details on universally flattering square neck swimsuit styles include:

One-Piece Suits

  • High-cut legs – Leg holes cut high at hips create Mile-long legs on shorter frames
  • Crisscross backs – Sculpted straps accentuate shoulder blades & trim waist appearance
  • Monokinis – Strategic cutouts show peeks of skin for dimension & perceived height
  • Plunging square V’s – Deep V-neck elongation balanced by strong corner lines
  • Sporty scoop backs – Single upper back strap spotlights strong shoulders
  • Surplice wrap tops – Crisscrossing straps tie at bustline or midriff for cinched waist effect

Two-Piece Tops

  • Bandeau bikinis – Clean, streamlined tube top spotlights collarbone & balances fuller bottoms
  • Sport crop tops – Cropped hem with angular neck turns up heat; shows torso
  • Halter bikini – Ties wrap around neck & highlight décolleté above fuller busts
  • One-shoulder – Single wide strap slims shoulders & contrasts sweetheart neckline
  • Bralette bikini – Soft cups offer light support under bold horizontal neckline
  • Off-the-shoulder – Straight neckline sits just below shoulders for curve-enhancing balance

How to Wear Square Neck Swimsuits

Follow these fashion tips when selecting and sporting chic square neck swimwear:

Choosing Neckline Placements

  • Opt for high centered square necks to elongate a short neck
  • Try a low-cut plunging square on a long swanlike neck for drama
  • Pick an asymmetrical angular neck to balance broad shoulders
  • Look for crisscross details to spotlight delicate collarbone structure

Mixing & Matching Pieces

  • Balance fuller bottoms with streamlined bandeau or cropped square neck tops
  • Try boy short or high waist bottoms to enhance waist definition under bold necklines
  • Add sarongs, kimonos, or transparent tunics when more coverage desired
  • Incorporate square neck crop tanks as stylish poolside cover-ups too

Hairstyles & Accessories

  • Show off angular neck corners with hair swept up in ponytail or slick bun
  • Choose sleek high-shine hair looks using gel to contrast with matte swim fabrics
  • Try a lariat-style pendant necklace to accentuate the décolletage region
  • Stack multiple dainty choker chains to complement a deep plunging neck
  • Add hoop or angular drop statement earrings to echo the strong graphic lines
  • Sport mirrored lens rectangular sunglasses for harmonizing geometric details

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