Sweetheart Neckline Swimsuit: Styles, One Pieces & More

What Is A Sweetheart Neckline Swimsuit

A sweetheart neckline swimsuit refers to any women’s swimsuit featuring a distinctive sweetheart-shaped neckline and bustline. This elegant neck shape features a center gathered notch or upside down “V” shape resembling the top of a heart. The sweetheart neckline has long been a staple in the world of swimwear and remains a timelessly chic design element for bathing suits today.

The sweetheart bust shape beautifully flatters and frames a woman’s cleavage by accentuating the décolletage. At the same time, it provides fuller coverage over the bust than more plunging swimsuit necklines. This balance of alluring yet modest styling makes the sweetheart neckline universally flattering across body types. It also suits a range of personal comfort levels for swimsuit coverage.

Sweetheart neck swimsuits may be available as either one-piece or two-piece bikini styles. They are commonly made from stretchy swimsuit fabrics like nylon, polyester, spandex, and lycra. Beyond the signature sweetheart neckline, these swimsuits can showcase a variety of silhouettes, colors, patterns, and decorative accents.

What Are the Defining Features of the Sweetheart Neckline?

The sweetheart neckline on swimwear derives its name from the flirtatious heart shape formed at the center bust. The key identifying features of a swimsuit sweetheart neckline include:

  • Center gathered notch or inverted “V” at bust – This notch dips into a subtle heart shape, wider at the shoulders and narrowing to a point near the cleavage.
  • Rounded, curved neckline – The neckline contours in a slight curve across the collarbone versus a straight horizontal line.
  • Shoulder straps join at notch’s corners – The straps intersect the neckline precisely at the apex of the sweetheart notch.
  • Neckline borders décolletage – The curved neckline follows along the upper breast contours to accentuate cleavage.
  • Neckline sits moderately low on the bust – The sweetheart neckline offers a gracefully low-cut tease of the breasts without major exposure.

These quintessential design traits shape the recognizable sweetheart profile on women’s swimwear. The unique heart-inspired lines tenderly cup the bustline while elongating the neck. This adds tasteful sensuality to any swimsuit look.

What Are Some Styles of Sweetheart Neckline Swimsuits?

Sweetheart neck swimsuits come in an array of styles, ranging from retro pin-up glam to sporty athletic looks. While all contain the signature sweetheart bust shape, design variations give each its own distinctive flair. Popular sweetheart neckline swimsuit styles include:

  • Vintage pin-up – Ruched, gathered bust with low back, moderate rear coverage, and high-waisted bottom.
  • Athletic sporty – Sweetheart crop top with sporty bottom in color blocks, piping, and mesh insets.
  • Glamorous – Draped bust with jewels, beads, bows, or other ornate accents.
  • Floral prints – Bright floral patterns on sheer swimsuit fabric for a romantic vibe.
  • One shoulder – A single shoulder strap offsets the symmetry of the sweetheart neckline.
  • Banded – Wide halter straps join in back at the neck, accentuating the sweetheart shape.
  • Ruffled – Rows of flounce ruffles trim the sweetheart bust and/or hemlines.

Swimwear designers leverage creative touches like knotted straps, ruching, cutouts, and unique patterns to update the iconic sweetheart silhouette season after season.

What Are Some One-Piece Sweetheart Swimsuit Styles?

The sweetheart neckline flatters one-piece swimsuits in both retro pin-up or modern athletic interpretations. Timeless one piece sweetheart styles include:

  • Maillot – Classic vintage one piece with sweetheart neck bust, halter straps, and open back.
  • Monokini – One piece swimsuit with cutout sides to show more skin.
  • Plunge – Dramatic deep sweetheart neck accentuating cleavage and décolletage.
  • Underwire – Contouring underwire built into the sweetheart bra cups for shape and support.
  • Cutout – Strategic holes along the torso create alluring glimpses of skin.
  • Crisscross back – Straps twist together into an alluring crisscross pattern on the open back.
  • High-neck – A retro high collar balances the lower sweetheart neckline.

For athletic one piece sweethearts, colorful piping trims, mesh paneling, and racerback straps lend a sporty edge. The sweetheart neckline works beautifully to frame and define the cleavage on any one-piece swimsuit style.

Sweetheart Bikini Tops & Bottoms

Beyond one pieces, the sweetheart neckline also graces a range of chic two-piece swimsuits.

On bikini tops, key sweetheart bra variations include:

  • Padded – Contoured, molded cups for shapely definition.
  • Underwire – Reinforced underwire cups for added support and lift.
  • Crop top – Shorter length hitting just under bust to show midriff.
  • Halter – Straps wrap around the neck in a flirty halter silhouette.
  • Bandeau – Sweetheart shape on strapless, band of fabric bikini tops.
  • Racerback – Sporty racerback straps lend athletic edge.
  • One shoulder – Single strap offsets the sweetheart neckline asymmetry.

For bottoms, popular pairs with sweetheart bikini tops include:

  • Classic bikini – Medium seat coverage in traditional bikini style.
  • High waisted – Vintage-inspired high waistline for tummy control.
  • Hipster – Lower waist, more rear coverage, with ruched details.
  • Boy shorts – Shorts-style cut with full seat and thigh coverage.
  • Thong or g-string – Fuller sweetheart top balanced by minimal rear coverage.
  • Skirted – Short skirt overlay adds playful flutter and movement.
  • High-cut – Straps extend high on the waist to elongate legs.

Mixing and matching sweetheart bikini tops with various bottoms creates chic swim sets. The sweetheart bust shape shines as the standout focal point.

How to Wear and Style Sweetheart Swimsuits

Whether rocking a vintage pin-up inspired one piece or modern athletic bikini, follow these tips for looking fabulous in a sweetheart swimsuit:

  • Play up bust with push-up pads or underwire – Add lift and definition for accentuated cleavage.
  • Show some skin – Balance modest top with tempting cutouts, high-cut legs, or revealing backs.
  • Accessories – Dress up with delicate necklaces, stacked bangles, flowers, or headbands.
  • Retro glam styling – Channel Old Hollywood with bold lips, cat eyes, victory rolls.
  • Pool to party ready – Many sweetheart styles transition seamlessly from water to cocktails.
  • Cover-ups – Sheer kimonos, sarongs and sweaters complement sweetheart suits.

A sweetheart swimsuit radiates effortless elegance. Strategically baring more skin on one part of the body while concealing another embodies the subtly sexy sweetheart allure.

Sweetheart Neckline Swimsuit Pros & Cons

Like any swimsuit style, the sweetheart neckline has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Universally flattering neckline
  • Accentuates cleavage and bust
  • Balances coverage and allure
  • Vintage inspired romantic look
  • Works on many body types


  • Can be tricky fitting larger busts
  • Some lack ample bust support
  • Not enough coverage for some
  • Straps may slip off shoulders
  • Less stability than halter tops

With stunning options across every swimsuit category, the sweetheart neckline delivers an effortlessly feminine sensuality and timeless charm season after season.

Sweetheart Neckline Swimsuit by Body Type

The universally flattering sweetheart neckline works across all body types. However, certain swimsuit silhouettes optimize the sweetheart shape for specific figures.


  • Emphasize your curves with a gathered, ruched or draped sweetheart bust.
  • Try a retro high-waisted bottom to show off your waist.
  • Opt for padded or underwire tops for extra cleavage.


  • Balance top and bottom proportions with a sweeheart bandeau top.
  • Accentuate your shoulders with a one-shoulder or halter neckline.
  • A solid colored bottom balances a bold printed sweetheart top.


  • Show off your strong shoulders in a sporty racerback sweetheart top.
  • Pair with high-cut bottom to elongate lean legs.
  • Boyshorts provide ample seat coverage for hard-hitting action.


  • Dainty ruffles or bows reinforce your petite frame.
  • Boyshorts or skirted bottoms add flattering volume.
  • Avoid oversized prints or embellishments that may overwhelm.

Plus Size:

  • Underwire or molded cups offer fuller bust support.
  • High-waisted bottoms sculpt and slim the midsection.
  • Solid dark colors and minimal prints streamline the silhouette.

Long Torso:

  • High-cut legs help extend the appearance of shorter legs.
  • A plunging sweetheart neckline draws eyes downward.
  • Sporty crisscross back straps add visual interest.

With so many variations, there’s a sweetheart swimsuit perfect for every body type ready to hit the beach or pool!

How to Pair a Sweetheart Top with Different Bikini Bottoms

Mixing and matching is one of the fun perks of two-piece swimsuits. Sweetheart bikini tops can be paired with a variety of bottom styles for different looks.

Cheeky – Shows off curves and rear. Balances sweetheart’s extra bust coverage.

Hipster – Low waist and ruched fabric flatters wider hips. Retro vibe.

High Waisted – Slims waist and tummy. Elongates torso for vintage glam.

Thong/G-string – Minimal rear for maximum tan lines. Flaunts curves.

Boy Shorts – Modest coverage perfect for athletics or family settings.

Skirted – Flirty flutter of skirt adds movement and hides imperfections.

Mid/Low Rise – Classic cuts show off hips and rear. Balanced proportions.

High Cut Legs – Make legs appear longer, elongating the looks.

Complement your sweetheart neckline with bottoms reflecting your style and comfort level – from sultry to sporty.

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