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Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Large Bust

Having a fuller bust is already hard enough

Let’s face it, if you are someone with DD-and-up breasts, getting a swimsuit can make you hate your body even more.

Still in doubt? Take this existential bra-fit quiz.

Your options are limited, and you are struggling even to get a supportive swimsuit to give you the ideal fit. You have no choice but to turn to bikini sets/separates to avoid failures.

But for one-piece bathing suits, most of them are not designed for women with bigger-than-normal boobs. And finding one that’s cute, affordable, and gives hold at the same time is like searching the ocean.

“Don’t even think about it,” that’s the kind of advice you’ll normally get. So why bother?

Why do you even need a one-piece swimsuit or a maillot?

If we are going to have an argument over which type of swimsuit is best for someone having a large bust, bikini tops accommodating bra sizes will be the winners for top-heavy women.

But this does not change the fact that you and I and everyone else have varying body shapes, at varying stages of lives, with varying levels of confidence.

So here’re the three reasons that’ll always make one-piece bathing suits irreplaceable and worthwhile for some.

  1. They don’t fall or slide off easily: Ever done watersports like jet skiing? Or tried swimming in public? Then you know what I am talking about: For people who are or want to be in the water a lot, a maillot will save you the trouble of accidentally giving everyone a show.
  1. They provide the best coverage: You too, deserve the right to not show your belly/back/shoulder/etc., and not to get the attention of strangers, or even worse, looks from creeps. A one-piece swimsuit naturally offers more coverage than any other type of bikinis. Besides, who says we can’t have ourselves covered up to enjoy the water and sun?
  1. They help hide your insecurities: It’s not just the bust that gives us anxiety, some of us are already stressed about our own bodies. And in situations where we have no choice but to put on bikinis, where we want something less revealing, only a maillot can do the job.

And lastly, they can be just as cute, sexy, flattering, and comfortable. You just have to find them.

16 Best one-piece swimsuits for women with large busts

By following the above instructions, we did some heavy lifting and gathered up a list of one-piece swimsuits/maillots that are all-things-considered best for big busts.

And remember:

  • We update the list monthly to add new findings and replace unavailable items.
  • We focus more on the affordable ones.
  • We make sure the selected swimsuits/brands ship to most of the countries.
Spliced Plunge One-Piece by Nordstorm

Spliced Plunge One-Piece


Slow Dance Black Rash Guard One Piece Bathing Suit


The Capri by Andy Swim

The Capri—Eco Nylon


Offshore Life Printed Zip Front Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit


The One Piece Rashguard


Sardinia Printed Halter One-Piece Bikini


Seychelles One Piece Swimsuit


 100 Degree Plunging Neck One-Piece Bikini

100 Degree Plunging Neck One-Piece Bikini


Seychelles One Piece


Paradise Crossback One-Piece Swimsuit


Ruched-cup one-piece in leopard print


Peek & Beau Fuller Bust Exclusive


The Mini-Ruffle Perfect Wrap One-Piece






The Tie Oasis


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