bathing suit for top heavy guide

Swimwear for Top-Heavy Women: A Full Guide

Are you top-heavy?

If you are top-heavy, that means your extra body weight sits on your tummy, bust, arms, or shoulders. This added weight can be evenly spread through all the top body areas or favor one place in particular. 

Top-heavy body features:

  • Your shoulders are likely wider than your hips
  • A large rib cage, bust, arms, or tummy
  • Broad shoulders and back
  • Small thighs, butt, and legs
  • First to gain and last to lose weight in the top section of your body
illustration of a top heavy women in bathing suit

A top-heavy look is a noticeably larger upper body than the lower body. Women with this shape sometimes feel insecure, unbalanced, or disproportionate.  

If this is you, there is no reason to feel self-conscious. Every body type is beautiful.

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Body types that are heavy on top

Apple Shape

If you have this well-known shape, your shoulders are round and you have an average bust size. An undefined waistline is the most dominant part of the body. If there are distinct hips, they are not wider than the shoulders. 

Oval Shape

Oval body types differ from an apple shape. This is because they have more narrow shoulders and small breasts. The hip length often matches the shoulder length, while the midsection curves to form an oval shape.

Inverted Triangle Shape

illustration of a inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangles have large breasts and very broad shoulders. These shoulders are much wider than the hips. This shape has some waistline definition, narrow buttocks, and long legs.  

Lollipop Shape

The lollipop is like an inverted triangle shape. This body type has elongated, slender legs with a little butt. However, lollipops are slim and have a straight silhouette all the way up to the breasts. The focal point of a lollipop shape is the bust part, accompanied by round shoulders and arms that have the slimness of the legs.

Goblet Shape

Starting from the hips to the shoulders, a goblet-shaped body looks like a square. Goblets have broad shoulders, big arms, and a large bust and stomach. The body starts to narrow out at the hips. From the hips down is a petite butt and narrow legs. 

What are the best bikinis & swimsuits for a top-heavy body?

Generally, for top-heavy body shapes, when shopping for a swimsuit, you should look for ones that: 

  • Show off your legs
  • Widen out the hips
  • Accentuate areas of the body that you like
  • Isn’t tight on areas you want to minimize
  • Conceals bulges with a busy pattern or slimming color 
  • Fit your measurements perfectly

Paying attention to these things will help you work with your beautiful body type. 

Below are the best bikinis and swimsuits for an apple, oval, or goblet shape:  

top heavy model in a swim dress

A swim dress that has a sweetheart or V-neckline complements the chest. If the swim dress is tight on the upper waist with flared fabric underneath, it will conceal a big stomach.

top heavy Hispanic model in a tankini top

Tankini or peplum tops make the torso look longer, which is a good thing. It’s complimentary to have a solid bust color with a distracting pattern underneath. Great patterns are vertical or diagonal lines of a sort or ruffles.

model posing in a high waisted bikini bottom

A high-waisted bikini bottom will even out and flatten the midsection. Especially ones with attention-grabbing designs for distraction from the weight.

model posing in a one-piece swimsuit with vertical stripes.

One-piece swimsuits with vertical stripes always create a slimming illusion. Additionally, a solid, dark-colored one-piece will minimize any tummy bulges.

Below are the best bikinis and swimsuits for an inverted triangle or lollipop shape:

  • An underwire or off-the-shoulder bikini top complements the chest. Since your bust is one of the most prominent curves on the body, you’ll want a bikini top that flatters the bust. These bikini tops will do this and offer great bust support.
  • Bikini bottoms that are high-leg or have straps, ties, bows, or strings create an illusion of wider hips. This look works in your favor because it offers a more equal hip-to-shoulder ratio. The result is a more balanced look.
  • One-piece swimsuits with a halter neck will complement and add comfort to the bust. Having a wrap or sash tie over the waist will widen the hips and create a bottom curve. A one-piece with color blocking on the bottom will also add volume to the waist. 

How to style bathing suits if you are top-heavy

When you are top-heavy, you should style your swimsuit to create a proportionate look. You can do this by drawing attention away from the top part of your body and redirecting it to the bottom. 

Your swimsuit shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight, but well fitted. It’s important to know your measurements, so you can style accordingly.

In order to look slimmer, wear a long cover or wrap that ties over. This will draw attention to the slimmest and longest part of your body; your legs.

Make sure that your bust is supported, and never spilling over the cups. When the bust line fits well, your upper body looks more put together. 

Always choose wide straps, and stay away from thin or spaghetti straps. Spaghetti straps do not balance out the top part of the body but rather make the bust support look weak.

Avoid drawing attention to the shoulders with ruffled or big sleeves. Don’t call attention to the bust with bright colors. These will only make that area look bigger.

Avoid drop waistlines. They highlight the wrong areas. 

Being top-heavy means all your excess weight is in the top part of the body, and you have a slimmer lower body. 

If your weight is portioned this way, remember you are beautiful and we want you to feel that way. There are always sexy swimwear options that will help you feel confident.

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