different types of bikini bottoms

Different Types of Bikini Bottoms: A Guide

Bikini bottoms have a range of cuts that enhance every silhouette. The coverage and designs vary, which gives customers more options to choose from. Here is our selection of the most popular bikini bottom styles.

High-waisted bikini bottoms

high waisted bikini bottom_

Coverage level: high

High-waisted bikini bottoms are ideal for anyone who favors more coverage. They have a traditional elegance, they provide a level of modesty.

These bottoms rest above the waist and cover your belly button.

They provide more stomach and backside coverage than other options. This type of cut makes legs look longer, since the leg cutouts are higher.

Women with shorter torsos will want to look for cuts that sit just above the belly button for optimal fit.

They also have a traditional elegance. They provide a level of modesty. It’s a great option for women who favor one-piece suits and want to try something new.

High-cut/high-Leg bikini bottoms

high cut bikini bottom style_

Coverage level: moderate

Bottoms with a high cut accentuate the wearer’s legs, for an elongated fit.

Since the cut is higher on the sides, more of the leg shows. This gives the appearance of a longer leg line.

High-cut bikinis are ideal for petite figures, because of the elongation effects.

The cut falls slightly above hip line, which means it won’t give the illusion of a shorter torso.

These bottoms offer moderate coverage. Wearers can adjust the coverage level by choosing how high to pull up the sides.

Thong bikini bottoms

what a bikini bottom looks like_2

Coverage level: low to super low

Thong bikini bottoms have low coverage, emphasizing a cheeky backside.

The fabrics layer in the back of the suit to create a T or V-shape effect, depending on the cut. This cheeky cut is ideal for wearers looking for a flattering shape.

These bottoms usually rise low in the front and are cut high in the back. Like the high-cut bottoms, thong bottoms lengthen the wearer’s leg line for a longer silhouette.

They hug the body for a streamlined fit. They come in a variety of styles of cuts including banded and G-string. These bottoms are beneficial for women who would like to minimize tan lines.

String bikini bottoms

Coverage level: low to super low

String bikini bottoms have low coverage in the front and backside.

These bottoms sit below the hip bones, and with thin strips.

Since the straps are so narrow, there are minimal tan lines. The strings can be adjusted to the wearer’s comfort and style.

String bikini bottoms emphasize the backside. They also make legs look longer and draw attention to the booty, because of the minimal amount of fabric.

It’s ideal for wearers looking for a playful, sultry look.

Boyshorts swim bottoms

Coverage level: high

Boyshorts swim bottoms provide full coverage. They usually sit at hip level and have high coverage in the front and back.

These shorts are beneficial for women who are active and don’t want to worry about adjusting their swimsuit coverage.

They provide a level of modesty because they cover the bikini line. They’re designed for comfort, active movement, and style.

Swim skirts

Coverage level: high

Swim skirts offer the highest coverage. These skirts have a bikini-type bottom with a skirt around it that can be worn in the water.

They’re designed for comfort and security. They cover the bikini lines, as well as the front and back sides.

Swim skirts have hip, booty, and stomach coverage depending on the cut. Most swimsuits sit above the waist and cover the belly button. They offer more options because they can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of tops.

These bottoms are ideal for women who are looking for modest coverage. Many designs have vintage-inspired, chic silhouettes.

Brazilian bikini bottoms

Coverage level: low to super low

Brazilian bikini bottoms are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an alluring bikini bottom style.

These bottoms rise low in the front and the back. They sit below hip level and have higher cuts on the sides.

These bottoms enhance the wearer’s silhouette with the Y-shaped fabric layers in the back.

Brazilian bikini bottoms can make short torsos look longer and accentuate hourglass figures. They offer a flattering fit for athletic body types.

Tie-side bikini bottoms

Coverage level: moderate to low

Tie-side bikini bottoms are named for their functional style of having strings that can be tied together on either side.

They’re a flexible choice because the strings allow the wearers to adjust the fit to their comfort level.

These bottoms have low to medium coverage, depending on the cut. The height of the strings can be adjusted according to preference.

They create a triangle shape in the front. Tie-side bikini bottoms usually have low rise front and back sides, although the silhouette can vary depending on style.

Cheeky bikini bottoms

Coverage level: moderate to low

Cheeky bikini bottoms have a playful silhouette. They offer more coverage than a thong or string bikini.

Depending on the cut, cheeky bikinis have moderate to low coverage in the front. There’s less fabric in the back, which emphasizes the butt cheeks.

With low-to-moderate coverage in the back, this is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a suit with less back coverage but still needs more support than a string bikini.

This design accentuates curves and offers and fun, flattering fit. This style adds an illusion of roundness to the wearer’s shape.  

Hipster bikini bottoms

Coverage level: moderate to low

Hipster bikini bottoms offer bottoms have medium coverage. The bands on the sides are wider than other bottoms and usually fall at hip level.

Some styles have a lower cut in the front. Hipster bikini bottoms usually have medium-to-full coverage in the back of the suit.

Since it has a sturdy structural design, it’s ideal for wearers who are active. This is a supportive style of swim bottoms with high-cut sides.

They emphasize the size and shape of the bum. This cut accentuates long leg lines and has a comfortable, flattering fit.

Swim pants/leggings

Coverage level: high

Like swim skirts, swim pants offer the fullest coverage. Depending on the style, they can stop at knee-length or cover the entire leg.

They cover the bikini line, as well as the front and back sides. They’re ideal for women who want more leg protection while swimming or who want to protect their skin from the sun.

The best types of swim pants have materials that dry quickly and absorb water efficiently.

They should have flat seams for a comfortable fit. This type of bottom is ideal for swimmers, because they protect against exposure injuries, increase buoyancy, and help control body temperature.

Finding the right bikini bottoms 

In order to find the right bikini bottoms, you can think of your coverage type.

For high coverage, swim skirts, swim pants, boyshorts, and high-waisted bottoms would be ideal cuts.

Hipster bottoms, cheeky, and high-cut styles are best for moderate coverage.

Brazilian, string bikinis and thongs are great options for a low-coverage style.

You can also consider the design.

Classic silhouettes like swim skirts and high-waisted designs are elegant, modest choices.

Cheeky and hipster cuts are more playful, while Brazilian, string, and thong bottoms are more romantic.

For active women, swim pants, boyshorts, hipsters, and swim pants are functional and fashionable.

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