best damn bathing suit guide for women who have apple body shapes

Apple Body Shape: A Guide on Bathing Suits

What is an apple body shape?

what exactly is an apple body shape

An apple body shape is often defined by a wide and fuller waist and mid-section, broad shoulders, as well as an average to large-size bust.

This body shape is also often also characterized by shoulders that are wider than the hips, a flat bottom, and lengthy or defined arms and legs. 

When thinking about the overall dimensions and look of an apple-shaped body, you’ll immediately find that the top half of the body holds the bulk of the weight, particularly in the bust and waistline, similar to the upper curves of an apple. 

Another defining characteristic is broad shoulders and a wide-set upper back area.

The midriff area is usually full in shape and could measure closely in size to the chest and shoulders creating a boxy shape up top for some individuals. A lot of apple shapes tend to have more defined arms and legs. 

How do I know if I’m apple-shaped?

When looking in the mirror, you will know that you have an apple body shape if: 

  • Your bust is your largest measurement followed by your abdomen area
  • You also display a full mid-section and less defined waist. 
  • You typically store excess weight in your tummy and chest area
  • You have broad shoulders that sit wider than your narrow hips 
  • You have a bust that is similar to or even slightly larger than your shoulder width and midriff area

A lot of us with apple-shaped bodies may tend to feel quite boxy or even shapeless and without definition, but there are also some who possess curvier bottoms. 

In contrast, you could also have an apple body shape if you have wide shoulders, a fuller bust, a flat bottom with narrow hips, and long legs. 

The most common proportion and ratio that you’ll find with an apple body shape is bust: waist: hips which are 4:4:3.

A lot of apple-shaped bodies also have a ratio where the bust, waist, and hip area are all akin in size and proportion. 

The inverted triangle body shape relates to and comes from the apple-shaped body family, but there are some differences between these two body shapes. 

  • Both body shapes are defined by having larger portions on the top half of the body, but the inverted triangle shape always features more pronounced shoulders 
  • Some inverted triangle bodies have more of a defined waistline and midsection than apple-shaped bodies

Apple shape & other body types

An apple body shape compares to the other body types in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Even though an hourglass body shape displays a slim waistline, they do often feature shoulders and hips that are similar in size which relates to some apple body types
  • Rectangle body shapes are usually more boxy or athletic in shape but can have shoulders, midsection, chest, and hips that are all of the similar size which can resemble an apple body shape 

Some apple body shapes may have a genetic predisposition that naturally lends itself to that specific look, but some bodies may shift over time when: 

  • You incorporate high-impact and prolonged cardio exercises and strength training that can impact the structure and strength in your midsection 
  • You incorporate dietary changes, such as cutting down on sugars, carbohydrates, and saturated fats to reduce excess weight stored in the stomach area 
  • Stress or hormone levels fluctuate which can often allow women to store extra weight in their midriff 

What swimsuit styles are best for apple shape? 

The thing to remember about swimsuit styles that are best for apple-shaped bodies is that:

  • You want to accentuate your chest,
  • and to flatter your stomach area
  • and to add width and dimension to your hips. 

Bikini tops 

One thing that’s very important for an apple-shaped body in regard to bikini tops is to ensure that one’s bust is properly supported.

Mid to large-size busts need special design features such as adjustable and thick straps, underwire for added lift, and even cup sizes to ensure the correct sizing. 


  • A sweetheart neckline works well for all bust sizes and helps draw attention to the right places 
  • V-necks are flattering for apple body shapes as this neckline accentuates cleavage in a favorable way, adds length to one’s neck, and can soften wide-set shoulders
  • Halter necks offer added support for the bust and help to nicely offset and flatter one’s shoulders 
  • Scoop or square necklines are a timeless look that helps to draw attention away from one’s stomach while subtly calling attention to the bust 

Straps and shoulders

  • Thick or wider straps are a good idea in order to fully support one’s bust as well as to help take the weight off one’s shoulders 
  • Adjustable straps allow for the proper lift of a larger chest and they can also be very helpful in bikini tops when the material gets wet 

Bikini bottoms

When choosing bikini bottoms for an apple-shaped body type, options that provide tummy control with fuller coverage which can also add the appearance of curves to one’s hip and bottom area are your best option. 

  • Full briefs are often designed with built-in tummy control panels which can help give the appearance of a slender waistline 
  • High waist bottoms naturally help create the illusion of length through the torso and legs as well as hide any thickness in the stomach area 
  • Ruched bottoms can help sculpt and tone the tummy area 
  • Bottoms featuring tie-sides can help give the look of curves around a narrow hip area which helps apple-shaped bodies with a fuller mid-section and less defined waist

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One piece swimsuits

In order to flatter and properly accentuate the best features of an apple-shaped body, one-piece bathing suits need to be designed with supreme fit and support

  • A one-piece with a plunging v-neck helps to draw the eye up and can help emphasize a full bust and elongate an apple-shaped body 
  • One-piece swimsuits with side panels can add a decorative effect as well as give some tummy control 
  • Gathering or ruching at the side, especially with a print or pattern on top, can add curves in all the right places to the upper body and create more of an hourglass look 
  • An empire waist one-piece where the waistline is heightened to just below the bust helps to slim and conceal a heavy midsection 

Prints, Colors & Special design features 

  • Patterns and floral prints create a cohesive and structured look which helps give the body a more uniform look 
  • Vertical or angled stripes work to lengthen and thin out one’s upper body as well create the look of curves in an apple-shaped body that may look boxy 
  • Pairing dark or solid bottoms with a bright control-paneled tankini top makes for a fun look that still offers structure 
  • For the tummy-conscious folks, color-blocked swimsuits featuring black and navy around the mid-section work to minimize that trouble area 
  • Swimsuits with bottoms featuring a little skirt or frill can help apple-shaped bodies feel more defined in the mid-section as long as they’re not too long or overdone
  • Textured or ribbed swimwear feels modern while also providing depth, curves, and restraint in the midsection  

Apple-shaped body: What to avoid

One key thing to remember:

fit is everything.

So always avoid bathing suits that don’t flatter your best assets and suits that will stretch out and become too large over time. 

  • Horizontal stripes can easily overemphasize the width of your waist or bust 
  • Bold waistbands and belted bottoms can break up the torso in an unfavorable manner and accentuate a thicker midsection 
  • Strapless or thin straps don’t offer any proper support to apple-shaped bodies with full chests and will immediately widen the look of your shoulders 
  • Boyshort bottoms will not nicely highlight or lengthen one’s legs

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