a definitive guide to tummy control swimwear

Tummy Control Swimwear: The Definitive Guide

Having a swimsuit that accentuates all our best bits is a game changer, especially for those who don’t fit into traditional swimwear styles.

Despite the misconception, tummy control swimwear isn’t for hiding our tummies, but instead for those wanting swimwear that fits like a glove and creates a snatched and fabulous look. 

Are you carrying weight in your midsection too?

One of the reasons we may carry weight on our midsections is aging. There can be an increase in belly size even if there is no weight gain, especially for women.

This is because estrogen influences where the fat gets distributed in the body, and estrogen decreases with age.

Big tummies could also be because that’s where your body naturally holds weight.

An apple body shape, where there is a large bust, narrow hips, and a fuller midsection, has genetic influences, so that’s where the fat naturally wants to go first.

Of course, pregnancy is a significant factor that will affect weight distribution, as it typically takes around six to nine months to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. As the stomach expands exponentially, this is one of the areas that will need to recover the most.

It’s completely understandable (unless it’s unhealthy excess visceral fat) to have a bigger belly as each person’s body functions and looks unique in its own way.

What does a tummy-control swimsuit do?

what are the functions of tummy control swimear
Coca Cola Girl (Cutout) by Alex Katz & Total Control by DEB

Tummy-control swimsuits function in the exact same way as shapewear: they both have qualities that will help in body contouring, including compression and maximum support for your boobs and curves. They help to slim the midsection by providing firm support that creates a smooth look and enhances your natural shape.

The swimsuits also have the added luxury of design, and tummy-control swimwear can have other features that help to create a flattering look on big bellies like ruching, thick waistbands, and ruffles.

Tummy-control swimwear is a great way to feel comfortable and unshakeable all day long, no matter the activity. 

How can I hide my hanging belly in a swimsuit?

When it comes to clothing and swimsuits, looking good and feeling confident is less about what your body looks like and more about how your clothes look on it.

Every person you talk to will have a complaint about how clothes fit them (too short, too tall, disproportionate, etc.). 

Therefore, picking the right swimsuit doesn’t have to be about “hiding” your belly, but finding one that is right for you and flatters your body shape.

Choosing the right fabric, style, and colors will help make you look your best, especially if you pair all the elements with tummy control for optimum body shaping effect.

If you want something easier, there is always the options to provide that extra layer of coverage.

  • A swim skirt or sarong
  • A tankini top
  • One-piece swimsuits that have full coverage at the front & sides.

What swimwear styles flatter a big belly?

Here are some tips for finding a swimsuit that flatters a big belly:

Direct attention elsewhere

Pick something that focuses on a different body part. If you love your shoulders, choose a halter neck or strapless top; if you love your curves, choose a plunging neckline with a bunched waistline. This will put your best features on display and draw attention away from your belly.

Super high-waisted bottoms

Choose a high-waisted bikini bottom that has tummy-control qualities. The high waist and compression material will tighten and smooth your belly and define your waistline to create a flattering shape.

Retro swimsuit style

These styles typically have high-waisted bottoms, but they also have a boy leg cut rather than a bikini. This cut is really flattering as the sides come down over the hips, and this creates a gorgeous shape. They also typically have better support for bigger busts, which brings everything up and draws attention away from the stomach.

Swimsuits with full-belly coverage and tummy-control

Pick a full-piece that has tummy control, as this will work the same as shapewear. It will draw everything in and work to create a smooth and defined shape.


This is one of the most effective ways to hide a belly, as it is where the fabric in the midsection is gathered in a ruffled design. It creates an extra layer to help even out the look of your belly, and it works very well when paired with tummy-control.

Prints and patterns

The right prints and patterns can also work to hide a big belly, as like ruching, it creates another layer of camouflage to smooth out the belly and hide the details. It also helps to direct attention away from your stomach; however, it’s important to avoid horizontal stripes, as it will create an effect that makes you look wider than you are.

Block colors

Color blocking can help balance out your figure, especially if you pair a dark bottom with a light top. It draws the eye to the top half and almost creates an optical illusion that gives you an hourglass figure.

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