what swimsuit should I wear if I have a spoon body shape

Spoon Body Shape: What Is It?

What is a spoon body shape?

Just like the image of a typical spoon found in every household, the spoon-shaped body imitates this utensil.

This body shape is sometimes described as “the shelf ” due to how large and heavy the hips and thighs appear.

Since not all spoons or shelves found in every household are of the same shape, restricting this body shape to these items does not do enough justice to the actual definition.

Being spoon-shaped simply means you have a small upper body and a large lower body.

This description may sound familiar since it resembles a pear or bottom-heavy hourglass, but bear in mind that the reason behind the spoon’s large lower body is because of the tendency to have saddlebags and hip dips.

In order to know that you are spoon-shaped, your waist must be at most 25% smaller than your hips and bust.

This means your bust must be 2 inches smaller compared to your hips.

Do I have a spoon body shape?

characteristics of a pear body shape

You can know this by either using this Bikini Calculator or paying attention to these very rare characteristics.

  • The bust is usually small.
  • Very defined waist
  • Large tummy
  • Short torso
  • Heavy thighs
  • More susceptible to having hip dips and saddlebags
  • Gaining more weight in the lower body while the upper body remains slim
  • A strong lower body, also known as “shelf-like appearance”

Spoon shaped body & other body types

Being spoon-shaped means your lower body is the center of attraction. But if it goes to other places, this may shove you toward other body shapes. 

  • Gaining weight around your midsection as well as your arms and thighs shoves you towards the apple.
  • Maintaining a defined waist, and having the same bust and hip length shoves you towards the hourglass.
  • A significantly curvy lower body and small upper body shove you towards the pear shape.

While the pear is described as the actual pear fruit, the spoon is described as the “shelf” due to the significantly large hips.

Even if the pear and spoon have the same big butt feature, one of the differences between them is the spoon’s heavy thighs alongside the large hips. This is because you tend to gain weight in your thighs and hips more than the pears. 

Despite the defined waist feature they both have, the spoon has a rather large tummy, which exposes the shelf-like appearance.

Another obvious difference between the spoon and the pear is the presence of saddlebags in most spoons.

This is because you gain weight mostly on your lower body, which exposes the presence of thickness in your thighs and butt cheeks.

Differences between a spoon, pear and hourglass

BustSmallSmall/MediumAs broad as the hips
ShouldersNot broadNot broadBroad
StomachLargeNot largeNot large
SaddlebagsPresentNot presentNot present
Hip dipsVery likelyNot likelyVery likely
Body shapes: spoon vs. pear vs. hourglass

What bikini styles best flatter a spoon shaped body?

Being a spoon means you can sometimes consider what the pear wears, but following the pear may not work from time to time.

Some of the tips below may help you make a good decision while picking your bikini styles.

Bikini tops to look for

The presence of a small upper body puts you in a position where you have to consider the kind of bikini top that would either create a balance with your lower body or at least make your bust and shoulders appear broader.

Tops with;

  • Boatneck styles help to broaden your shoulders and help you create a balanced figure. Off-the-shoulder tops can also help you achieve similar looks.
  • Strapless design helps to reveal your necklines while protecting your upper body from tan lines and lets you wear other bikini styles without feeling any form of insecurity.
  • Cut-out designs reveal a pleasant amount of cleavage, which creates attention to not only your bust but also your waist and collarbone.
  • Ruffles amplify your feminism. Fusing it with a plain bottom will create a very balanced look that people may take you for the hourglass shape. But this is totally dependent on the volume of ruffles present.

Bikini bottom to look for

Having a large lower body may be very tricky sometimes.

You may think it’s okay to wear any bikini bottom as long as it doesn’t add extra volume to your lower body.

You should look for bottoms with;

  • Dark colors like black and navy blue hues give your lower body a slimming effect. Pairing it with a patterned bikini top of your choice is a perfect combination.
  • Skirts without frills or ruffles with their length reaching your upper thigh help to minimize your lower body features.
  • High waist styles will make your legs appear longer, while also flattening your tummy if you easily gain weight in that part of your body. If you are a short spoon, it will make you look taller.

One-piece swimsuits to look for

Look for one- piece suits with:

  • A deep V or U design style helps balance your silhouette and also adds extra boldness to your torso, making it appear longer while giving you the aesthetic look you need.
  • Plain and patterned styles positioned on the lower and upper body respectively, automatically help you generate a tall, slim, and balanced figure.
  • Color blocking will emphasize your curve, especially if the darker colors are positioned on the lower body, and the brighter colors are at the top.

What to Avoid If You Are a Spoon Shape

  • Bikini styles with extremely bright colors.
  • Pants with low waist designs that expose your intergluteal cleft.
  • Bikini tops without padded cups that make your upper body appear smaller and your bust flatter.
  • Bikini styles that come in stripes, like horizontal lines.
  • Bikini bottom with ruffles, frills, or belt.
  • Bikini styles with thin strings.
  • Bikini styles that shorten your torso.
  • Bikini styles that make your neck appear super short.
  • Bikinis that causes wedgies too often.
  • Bikini styles that are too tight.

In summary

As a spoon, you have to consider which area of your body you would like to expose, what kind of colors and designs suit you, and most importantly, how comfortable you want to feel while making these choices.

Your body shape may look like a pear, but not all the time.

The pears are of different types, but there is only one spoon which has been thoroughly described above.

And remember, always pick bikini styles that emphasize your upper body more than your lower body.

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