the best bathing suit guide for women with pear body shapes

Pear Body Shape: The Comprehensive Bathing Suit Guide

Pear shape body: what is it?

When your lower body appears to be significantly curvy and carries more fat than any part of your body, you are pear-shaped. This body shape is modernly described as “slim thick.”

This particular description may not fit into every pear you come across as there are different body shapes that fit into this category.

In order to authenticate you are a pear, your lower body (especially your hips) must be at least 5% larger than your bust or shoulders.

How do I know if I have a pear-shaped body?

The pear may sometimes be similar to some other body shapes such as the spoon or hourglass. That is why it is important to note some undeniable pear features, such as:

  • Wide or broad hips.
  • Fat thighs
  • Small or medium bust.
  • Slim shoulders
  • Defined waist.
  • Long torso.
  • Slender arms.
  • Chubby butt, sometimes called “butt cheeks”
  • Short legs
  • Small back
  • Mostly short weighted

Differences between a pear and Inverted Triangle

The pear and the inverted triangle are the direct opposite of each other. Below are some of their differences. 

Broad hipsYESNO
Small bustYESNO
Defined waistYESNO
Fat thighsYESNO
Chubby buttYESNO
Long legsNOYES
Wide backNOYES

Pear-shaped body & other body types

pear shaped model wearing bikini sets in a painting

A stereotypical pear has thin shoulders, a small or medium bust, a defined waist, and wide hips, which may sometimes be mistaken for a spoon shape.

There are four different kinds of pear shapes. 

1. Curvy pear

This is the typical pear description you are familiar with. Very pronounced lower body and a less pronounced upper body.

2. Gentle pear

You may sometimes be mistaken for an apple or a rectangle if your midsection is wide or your waist is not clearly defined. 

3. Athletic pear

You may sometimes be mistaken for the inverted triangle if you train your upper body by lifting heavy weights.

4. Slim pear

You may sometimes be mistaken for a rectangle if your hips are not very large. A broader shoulder shoves you towards the hourglass shape.

A person with very apparent hip dips and chubby hips may sometimes think they are an hourglass, a pear, or even an apple.

This is a very typical body shape mix-up anyone can make.

What bikini styles best flatter a pear-shaped body?

The ultimate goal of the pear is to always look balanced while taking attention away from the lower body.

The lower body already has all the attention it needs, but the upper body doesn’t. With tons of bikini styles, it is possible to get the wrong choice of swimwear for yourself.

Some of the options below will always help you maintain your curve and highlight the extra features.

Deep-V or U-neck suits


They may be overlooked by body shapes that are on the busty side, but V-neck or U-neck bathing suits will give more focus to your upper part and even things out for you.

Off-the-shoulder swimsuits

model wearing an off the shoulder bathing suit

Although wearing this style may pull you towards the hourglass shape due to the width addition on your upper body. It creates a very distinct balance.

Since the typical pear is known to have a small bust and back, choosing swimwear that would increase your upper width is advisable rather than making it appear smaller than it actually is.

Bathing suits with high necklines

A pear is typically on the short side. For this reason, it is preferable to choose swimwear that would make you appear taller.

Skirted bottoms or swim dresses

You may think this style will make your lower body appear larger than it already is.

As much as this is true for the typical pear, it is a perfect option for the slim, athletic and gentle pear. Adding little or no design to the skirt will exhibit your lower body even more.

High rise bottoms

They will support your curves and make you appear very sophisticated. Choose those with little or no decorations/patterns.

Strapless bikinis

As a pear, you should always pay less attention to your lower body and more attention to your upper body. Wearing a strapless will help you achieve this.

Tummy-control bikini bottoms/one-pieces

They are great for pear-shapes with protruding stomachs, They support your core while placing emphasis on your upper body.

Bikinis with vertical stripes

Having the appearance of a longer and slimmer torso draws attention to your curvy frame, especially if you have a slim or gentle pear-shaped body.

Avoid string bikini bottoms & ruffled bottoms.

They’ll put the wrong part of your body in the center of attention.

Both type of bottoms will make your hips appear wider than they already are. You may also appear uncomfortable even when you are not.

When choosing swimwear, always go for one that will conceal your hips.

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