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What Swimwear Should I Wear if I’m Bottom-Heavy? [Full Guide]

What does it mean for a woman to be bottom-heavy?

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If the lower part of your body is more spread out than the top part, you are bottom-heavy.

There are a few different body shapes with this type of weight distribution.

A bottom-heavy woman carries excess weight in the hips, butt, and thighs. The calves and ankles will also sometimes display added weight. The shoulder length is less wide than the hips.

Being bottom-heavy means that the lower body region is likely: 

  • the last area to lose weight 
  • the first place extra pounds will show

Why am I bottom-heavy?

There are a few reasons why women are bottom-heavy. These include lipedema, estrogen levels, and genetics.  

Lipedema is a medical issue that results in a fat buildup in the butt, thighs, calves, and sometimes the arms. This condition is genetic and primarily affects women. Certain hormonal factors such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause can worsen lipedema. 

The estrogen hormone can cause extra weight gain in the lower body regions. A woman will naturally have higher estrogen levels during her reproductive years.  This can potentially cause an increase in fatty tissue, especially in the butt and thighs.  

Your genetics is one of the most plausible reasons for being bottom-heavy. Genes play a large role in where weight is primarily stored in your body. Your shape is also largely influenced by your bone structure. Therefore, it’s great to appreciate what you have and work with it! 

5 body types that are heavy on the bottom

Perhaps you’ve heard of the well-known pear shape. This bottom-heavy type is the most talked about. Although this is the case, there are other body shapes that carry more weight on the bottom. Some of them include the spoon, cello, skittle, and bell shape. We’ll discuss each one in a little more detail.

The Pear shape

People who are bottom-heavy are regularly known for having a “pear shape.” This is because being heavier on the bottom with a wide waist looks like a pear.

Although the top half of the body is more narrow than the bottom, the pear shape can still have high hips and some bust. However, the shoulders and bust don’t expand past the hips.

The Spoon shape

The spoon shape is akin to the pear as both exhibit more weight in the lower half.

However, there are a few differences. Unlike the pear, the spoon shape has a small bust and more definition in the waistline. The hips typically sit lower on the body, creating a similar look to a spoon. 

The Cello shape

Well, it looks like a cello: a curve on the top with an even bigger curve on the bottom.

The two curves have an indent on the waist, creating a shape similar to an hourglass. A particular feature of the cello shape is a large bust with broad shoulders.

However, the lower half of the body is even wider with a bold butt and legs. 

The skittle shape

It looks similar to a pear. The waist size is average and the bust is somewhat small.

In the skittle body shape, the calves play a crucial role. They tend to carry extra pounds, which makes them bigger.

This occasionally causes the skin in that area to look lumpy, and the lumps may reach the upper legs and butt.   

The bell shape

The bell shape has a short torso with a round stomach. The round waist spills into the wider butt and thighs. This body type doesn’t have an indent where the hips are, creating a shape similar to a bell.

What swimwear should I wear if I’m bottom-heavy?

As a general rule, attracting attention to the face and chest works well for bottom-heavy women. Avoid swimwear that hugs the lower body or is form-fitting below the waist.

One-piece swimsuits with V-neck designs

Opting for a V-neck style helps to divert attention from the lower body by emphasizing the bust. Additionally, any one-piece with a low neckline such as a sweetheart or scoop does the same thing.

Off-the-shoulder bikinis

You need the distracting sleeves. This design makes the shoulders seem wider, making the hips and shoulders appear closer to the same length. 

Halter bathing suits

They do a great job calling attention to the upper part of the body. Especially colorful or patterned halter tops, because they tend to be even more eye-catching to the shoulders and bust. This flatters the body by highlighting the right areas. 

High-waisted bikini bottoms

Go for those neutral or dark colors. Any high-waisted swimwear is good for a slenderizing look because they hide uneven weight. For a good match, try a distracting halter or bikini top (as previously mentioned).

Swim dresses & skirts

A swim dress that hugs the upper half and hangs off the waist lessens the bottom-heavy look. It can also offer extra leg coverage, which may help you feel more secure. However, a long swim dress or cover draws attention to the wrong area.

If you want to show more skin but cover the lower body, a swim skirt with a bikini top will do just as well as the dress. They offer all the same benefits of the dress while also accentuating your bust and waist.

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