A Guide for Bathing Suits to hip dips

Woman w/ Hip Dips: A Guide for Bathing Suits

Hip dips are normal and fine until YOU think they are not

Hip dips will sometimes leave women feeling insecure and critical of themselves. It can cause them to wonder if it’s another feature of their body that is “wrong” or “unacceptable.”

Truthfully, hip dips are not a reason to compare yourself to others or to criticize your body. They are very normal, common, and healthy. If you have hip dips, you are not alone! 

What are hip dips, and why do you have them

what are hip dips

So now for the real question: how do you define a hip dip?

A hip dip is an indent underneath your hip (not to confuse it with the curve that creates the hourglass figure). It’s located in between your hip and leg, right where the strap of underwear sits. 

You know you have a hip dip if:

  • You have an extra arch on your body, below your normal hip curve.
  • Between your torso and thighs, the line of your body looks like a “double wave”

The fact is, you do not have to worry about them

hip dips are normal
Hip Dips Don’t Lie, Cassandra Comics – Episode 311

A hip dip is absolutely normal and nothing you need to worry about! It is merely part of your bone structure and it’s affected by where your pelvis is on your body.

Hip dips affect both women and men, and they are part of your natural anatomy. There is no way to be able to change this without doing something drastic and unnecessary.

These attractive curves are part of who you are. There is nothing wrong with embracing and accepting them.  

Wearing bikinis and swimsuits with hip dips

Although hip dips are natural and beautiful, if you don’t feel confident with yours yet, that’s okay. 

However, if this is how you feel, there is no reason to shy away from swimwear. There are three different ways to deal with wearing a swimsuit with hip dips. 

The method you choose depends on your comfort level and style preference. You can either conceal, compliment or downplay them. 

Conceal them

Nowadays, there are many styles that will hide hip dips. A swimsuit bottom with a wrap, sarong, or flowy swim skirt does wonders for concealing them.  

Compliment them

Certain swimsuits will show off your glamorous hip-dip curves. Swimwear designs with stripes, straps, or a high-leg cut feature them nicely.  

Downplay them

An effective way to downplay hip dips is to choose swimwear patterns that distract the eye. Some examples include: swim bottoms with moderate coverage or ruffles, boyshorts, or cut-out designs.

What swimwear to choose if you have hip dips

Boyshort bottoms

Boyshort bottoms do well with adding coverage that minimizes hip dips. Boyshorts are typically tight and therefore don’t hide them.

However, they flatter the silhouette by making a single graceful curve. There are also boyshorts with ruched sides, creating a distraction from the hip dip. 

Swim skirts

If you want to hide hip dips, swim skirts do a fantastic job. Some of the best designs for concealment have drawstrings, layers, or are flowy. These styles easily draw attention to the waist, away from the hip dip. They are cute and comfortable all while offering extensive camouflage.  

Strappy bottoms

The sexy look of strappy swimsuit bottoms is excellent for complementing hip dips. Although the strap placement varies on a swimsuit, they showcase the dips in a desirable way. 

Some of the straps are wide with lots of coverage, which creates a soft and natural look for the dip underneath. Other straps are high on the leg and show off the hip dips in all their magnificent glory.

Bottoms with wraps & sarongs

Bottoms with wraps & sarongs

Wraps and sarongs are very efficient for veiling hip dips. Wraps and sarongs are very efficient for veiling hip dips.

Often, the fabric folds and has natural ruching, which eliminates any extra curves. Not to mention that they often hang off the hip, creating an admirable figure. 

There are also many ways to tie a sarong and wrap, allowing the opportunity for it to look perfect on you.

Ruffled bottoms

Ruffled bottoms

Ruffles can either minimize or completely mask hip dips. 

Ruffles do great at disguising hip dips and making it appear as though they aren’t there.

According to People.com, “smartly placed butt ruffles can act as a sort of camouflage, concealing areas you might be a bit more self-conscious of.” 

It works out if you prefer a swimsuit bottom with less coverage that exposes hip dips. Ruffles will still draw attention away from them.

Swimsuits with cut-outs

Swimsuits with cut-outs

A swimsuit with a cut-out design results in more skin exposure. This tends to be a very alluring look, and it can easily attract the eye. Since the focus will shift away from the legs, cut-outs will often divert away from hip dips. 

Swimsuits with moderate bottom coverage

Swimsuits with moderate bottom coverage

Swimsuits that have moderate bottom coverage are fabulous for hiding hip dips. This is because moderate bottoms have neither a small nor excessive amount of cover. The coverage is average and sits right in the middle. 

For this reason, moderate bottoms regularly cover the exact area where the hip dip is. This blends the curve line making hip dips barely noticeable and less obvious.

Swimsuits with high-cut legs

Swimsuits with high-cut legs

A swimsuit with a high-cut leg is certainly not the style to secrete hip dips. However, it is a very flattering look for them. This design enhances the lower body shape and highlights the lovely curves.

Striped swimsuits

Striped swimsuits

Stripes on swimwear are very distinctive and pronounced. They create an illusion for the eye, depending on the direction they run.

Vertical stripes shape a long and slim figure, downplaying any curves on the body. Alternatively, horizontal stripes have the opposite effect and can complement the curves.

There is no need to feel shame for having hip dips. They are simply part of your bone structure.

Even if you haven’t yet accepted your hip dips, certain swimwear styles can still help you look and feel amazing.

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