how to properly style a bandeau or strapless bikini top

How To Properly Rock a Bandeau/Strapless Bikini Top

What is a bandeau bikini?

The word ‘bandeau’ is a French word meaning “headband or strip” in English. (Collins)

The traditional bandeau is simply a tube-like piece that is wrapped around your breast. It can be used as a form of sport or swimwear.

bandeau bikini top with O ring design at the front

From the word “strip or headband”, you now know that you can easily purchase a piece of cloth with the right fabric and use it as a bikini top.

Those who have large busts may find the traditional bandeau bikinis unattractive because they may look or feel uncomfortable in them. This is why swimwear companies now have straps attached to them, and most of them are detachable.

With this kind of extra support, they can now wear them without feeling any form of insecurity.

Some still find the traditional bandeau quite attractive because it prevents them from having unappealing tan lines on their shoulders.

Those with a small upper body or bust find it very enticing because it flatters their body shape perfectly. 

If you love bandeau tops because of how simple they look, you may want to consider other factors like your bust size.

If you have a big bust, it may be difficult to move around freely in a bandeau top that does not have extra support. Such as straps or strings.

Those with lean upper bodies, however, may not have anything to worry about. Except for the fit.

How should a bandeau bikini top fit?

The best way to know if your bandeau bikini top is at its best fit is when it exhibits a close fitting against your bust. The swimsuit should not look strained or forcefully worn.

If your bandeau comes with straps, and you wish to tie them over your neck, you should do this when you are in your best standing or sitting posture.

This would keep you from adjusting too much whenever you choose to change your position.  

But, before purchasing a bandeau top, the first thing you must consider before anything else is your body shape. This is not to make you think you can or cannot wear a bandeau bikini top, but to know the type you should purchase.

Questions you should consider


Do I have a small or broad upper body ?

If you have a small upper body, the traditional bandeau should be your go-to. Bandeau with ruffles is also a very good option.

Do I have a small or broad lower body?

If you have a small or broad lower body, the traditional bandeau top coined with a high waist bottom is a good combo.

Am I on the busty side?

If you have a large bust or a broad upper body, you may want to consider wearing a traditional bandeau top with extra support. This will enable you to feel secure knowing it will not fall.

Would the bikini top fit me?

If you have with fuller figures, purchase bikini tops from brands that specialize in your body shaped clothing for more style options.

Do I tend to purchase bikini tops that are not exactly my size?

Always go for bra tops that are stretchy and you bra tops with detachable straps.

How do I avoid getting ill-fitted bikini tops?

Get used to trying them on before purchasing. If the purchase is happening online, get your most fitted bra top and measure yourself while wearing it.

Compare this measurement to the available measurement chart on the website, then go for the size that tallies with yours.

Creative ways to tie a strapless bikini top

Bandeaus are simply strapless bikinis, but some of them have some attachment to create a little support for those on the busty side.

It’s a bit boring to keep tying the bikini the same way. here are some cool alternative ways to wear strapless bikini tops.

Make sure you measure your bust properly before trying each of the following.

Twist the middle

This would create an illusion that not only turns a traditional bandeau bikini into a more stylish bra top, but also prevents it from falling during sports activities.

Make a knot

making a knot with your bandeau top

Some bandeau come in knots, but often times you may get a size smaller or bigger than your bust.

In the case of the latter, it may be difficult to make any adjustments, thereby preventing you from moving very freely, let alone swimming. This is why it is better to make your own knot using the traditional bandeau bikini top.

Attach straps or strings

Position the strings or straps into the side of the cups of your bandeau top.

Tie it to the front of your bust to form a tube-like layout. The tighter you tie your strings, the better. 

Some of the bandeau bra tops come with adjustment pins or buttons at the back. This can help prevent the bra top from falling. 

Use a brooch

If you don’t feel comfortable with twisting it or attaching a strap, simply look for a brooch.

Adjust your bra top till it fits. Clip the brooch to the point where the ruffles are.

This is usually at the front or back of the bikini, creating a touch of elegance.

Bring the back to the front

Bring the back of the bandeau to the front, and tie the straps against your bust till it fits perfectly.

You can either form a bow or knots with the straps at the back.

How to keep your bandeau bikini from falling down

ruched bandeau top with a drawstring front

One of the highlights of wearing a strapless bikini top is because of the freedom it provides and the prevention of straps and tan lines.

Those who wear it for sport activities may find it annoying for them, because it may fall down too often.

But, if you are the type that loves the traditional bandeau bikini, you can prevent your bikini top from falling by following some of the tips below:

  • Always purchase bandeau bikini tops that come with gripper tape and hidden boning, this is what makes your bandeau swim-ready.
  • Get bandeau bikini tops that come in detachable straps or tie at the back.
  • Be creative with how you tie your bikini tops.
  • Check the above tips.
  • Get bandeau bikini tops that are exactly your size.
  • Know your body shape or bust size before purchasing a bikini top.
  • Alter it.

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