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12 Best Petite-Friendly Bikini Brands (That Are Actually Worth Trying)

Carve Designs 

~ 50+ pieces ranging from $50-168 

Carve Design swimsuits are very petite friendly, with a variety of highlights to accommodate every small woman’s distinct body features.

These include: 

  • A variety of bust sizes 
  • A little or appreciable amount of support depending on your needs 
  • Adjustable swimsuits 
  • Fitted Swimwear for XXS and XS 

Their swimsuit designs are often different types of florals or pastel colors with fun patterns.

Carve Designs have an objective to help preserve the planet, thus they use organic cotton and other economically friendly fabrics. 

Tory Burch

~50+ pieces ranging from $98-318 

Tory Burch is a high-end brand that focuses on fashion. For petite women who want to add piercing colors and volume to their figure, Tory Burch swimsuits will do that by:

  • Using designs that create illusions (such as curves) if they aren’t there.
  • Using color blocking or cutouts to create a more full figure if needed.

This designer swimwear brand has extra small swimsuits with bright colors and unique designs. Tory Burch swimsuits demand attention and admiration.

Lou Swim

~32 pieces $39-79

Lou Swim’s primary purpose is to encourage petite women to love and embrace their small breasts. 

For that reason, all of their swimsuits: 

  • Are a two-piece bikini designed specifically for women with little chests.
  • Come with slight padding in the cup and a seamless finish. The padding is perfect to add a little volume and minimizes any awkward gaps. 

Lou Swim’s bikinis are primarily a singular vibrant color. The overall shade and design of their swimsuits create a dignified and exquisite appearance. 

Good American 

~50+ pieces ranging from $49-139

Good American focuses on having stylish swimwear for everyone, especially petite women. They approach this by: 

  • Using a petite sized model to show every piece in their collection, so that women with this size will have an idea of how it will fit. 
  • Making it a high priority to ensure that their swimwear fits in a flattering way for small women. They do this by using a variety of fabrics and materials. 

Their swimwear patterns are typically a singular color with classy material, or leopard prints. 


~50+ pieces ranging from $149-349

Marysia is a luxurious brand with a signature look of scalloped edge swimwear. This brand is very favorable for petite women, especially the small chested because: 

  • The tops often have low coverage with moderate support. This is a very suitable look for a small cup size. 
  • The scalloped line creates beautiful curves, and adds extra volume to the bust.

Most of this swimwear is made with Italian fabric with a focus on vacation wear.

Lilly Pulitzer

~30 pieces from $78-178

For fun, vibrant, tropical swimsuits, Lilly Pulitzer has the swimsuit to make you smile. Their main goal is to add some color to your life and enable you to “spot the Lilly.”

They offer a variety of sizes, including petite friendly sizes. These sizes feature: 

  • Designs to help highlight the features you want on your petite body.
  • Patterns that contribute to a fuller figure if you want it.


~90 pieces ranging from $125-315

Vilebrequin is very concerned about the ocean and planet, and they make many of their swimwear products with recycled material. 

They have a variety of classic, timeless swimwear in very small sizes that:

  • Are very plain, yet have an elegance and chic to them. This elegance nicely compliments small shapes. 
  • Are designed to make the women wearing them feel sexy and sensuous, and work with what you have. They even have a style guide to help you pick the right swimsuit for your unique features.


~58 pieces ranging from $30-108

Aritzia has a focus on using luxurious fabric in their swimwear.

They want the materials they use to last. No matter how old the piece, they want their swimsuits to always look beautiful and composed.

They also want to keep the planet as beautiful as their clothes and swimsuit designs, so they use recycled materials. 

Many of their small swimsuits are:

  • petite friendly
  • refined and sophisticated, beautifully demonstrating extra small bodies.
  • two-pieces with a single, slimming color. If multi-colored, the pattern is uncomplicated, yet striking for small frames.

Tommy Bahama

~150+ pieces $78-140

Tommy Bahama’s goal is to help people relax and enjoy the beach– and that is made manifest in many of their swimsuit patterns.

Their designs and colors are light and breezy, with many floral and tropical prints.

Although much of their swimwear takes on this theme, there are still solid, stripes and reversible swimsuits available. 

Tommy Bahama swimwear is especially beneficial for petite women with large busts because:

  • The offer adjustable bust sizes, especially for small sizes. 
  • You can have a small body with large breasts, and the swimsuit will still give you the proportioned look you want. 


~100+ pieces $15-49 

Hollister wants everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, particularly the youth. With this in mind, they designed swimsuits that are practical and comforting. 

Their sizes start incredibly small, and the options are endless for styles. This allows petite women to: 

● Mix and match any style you can think of. Therefore, small women can find the perfect fit for their figure. 

● Find the right size for them without any extra fabric. 

● Get the exact design petite women want, for a good price. 

For swimwear quick and economical, hollister is a good place to start.

Pretty Little Thing 

~19 pieces ranging from $18-50

Pretty Little Thing believes that you are entitled to feel beautiful and accepted, no matter your age, race, or body shape.

They create swimwear to help you feel this way– reassured and sexy.

Pretty Little Thing also wanted to make swimwear accessible and budget friendly to all, no matter your financial resources. 

Their petite collection features: 

● Mostly spicy two-piece swimsuits. 

● Not a whole lot of coverage, flaunting your petite shape. 

● Designs with shaping solid colors and minimal prints. 

These designs on the swimsuits are very complementary for small ladies.

Nani Swimwear 

~21 pieces ranging from $40-85

Nani means “beautiful” in Hawaiian, which is the mantra for their brand.

They want to use their swimwear to motivate women to go outside, embrace the outdoors, and feel empowered. 

Nani Swimwear has very comfortable swimsuits for petites, because: 

● Their XXS and XS sizes run true to size for a better fit. 

● The swimsuits are snug when dry. 

● Most of their swimwear is adjustable, making it easy for a petite to have it fit the way they need it to. 

Their swimsuit designs are mostly stripes with simple colors, and have a refined look to them. 

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