how to deal with period leaks in bathing suits

How To Deal With Period Leaks in Bathing Suits

How to get rid of dried period leaks (stains/spots/clots) on bathing suits

Period leaks in bathing suits are unfortunately a common occurrence, but luckily there are multiple ways to treat blood stains. 

How to get rid of dried period leaks on bathing suits

Here are some simple steps for removing general period blood stains on swimsuits.

Step 1

It’s wise to use something sharp (such as a pocket knife) to scrape blood off the bathing suit before soaking if:

  • The blood is clotted
  • There is an excess amount of dried blood
  • The blood stain is older and tougher to eliminate 

Just be careful that you don’t tear the fabric while doing so. 

Step 2

Soak your swimsuit in cold water with a hand washing or dish detergent. For bigger, deeper stains soak for a longer period (such as overnight). For smaller stains, soak for 15-60 minutes.

Step 3

Rinse and clean with an enzyme cleaner (many laundry detergents are enzyme cleaners, so be sure to double check). Some examples would be oxiclean or pro-enzyme. 

Step 4

Finally, wash it like you would normally. 

For small blood spots that don’t require as much attention, you can try:

  1. Getting the area wet
  2. Scrubbing with hand soap or bar soap
  3. Rinsing it out
  4. Regular wash with a machine

“Started my period and I have to wear bathing suits…”

No matter how inconvenient, periods are bound to happen regardless of your plans.

what to do when you have to wear bathing suits on period

If you’re a professional swimmer, take swim lessons, or simply don’t want to miss a pool or beach day with friends, you’ll most likely have to wear a swimsuit while on your period. 

The good news is that for the times you need to wear a swimsuit, managing a period is doable.

When you find yourself in this situation, here are some things you can do:

Wear a tampon

If a tampon is comfortable for you, it works perfectly for when you need to swim. A tampon should soak up all blood flow before it leaks onto the suit. 

Insert a menstrual cup

As long as the cup is the right size, they are designed to catch all the blood spill. They are safe and comfortable while swimming and stop leaks. 

Try period swimwear

Nowadays, if you’d like to swim during your cycle, there are more options for leak control than just tampons or menstrual cups. Period swimwear is “leak proof” and is designed to absorb blood for women who are on their period.  

Use water proof pads

These may be a bit more tricky because you have to hide a pad while wearing a swimsuit. However, there are different pad size options. With the right pad and swimsuit combo, concealing the pads can be done. 

Handling period at the beach

Even if your cycle has started, don’t let that discourage you from going to the beach. There are a variety of ways to handle it and still have fun. 

Here are some suggestions on how to handle your period at the beach:

  • Pack a swim cover or wrap for your bottom. Make sure that it’s designed to get wet if you want to keep swimming. 
  • If you cramp or experience any type of period pain, make sure you have the medicine or other resources you need to keep it manageable. 
  • If your source of leak protection is tampons, pack extra. It’s always reassuring to know you have more than enough. 
  • Wear a swimsuit color that makes it hard to see stains. No matter what you use to stop blood leaks, sometimes menstrual blood will unfortunately seep through. Having a color that makes leaks difficult to see will add protection. 
  • Be relaxed and confident with the measures you’ve taken to prevent blood spots. If you are uptight and worried the entire time you’re at the beach, it may ruin the experience. Trust in your ability to know what to do during your cycle. 

Handling period at the pool

You can still enjoy yourself at the pool during your menstrual cycle, as long as you know how to handle your period while at the pool. 

Here are some advice for how to enjoy the pool while on your cycle:

  • Keep a towel close to where you will get out of the pool. This gives you the option for added cover if you need it. 
  • Exit the pool near the restroom, if possible. If there is an accidental leak, there should be a restroom relatively close that will allow you to take care of it.
  • Pack an extra swimsuit or swim bottoms just in case you need to change. Doing this creates added security. 
  • Bring extras of everything, including medicine, preventive leak measures, and swimsuit coverage. 
  • Know your flow level, and have the supplies you need for that amount.  
  • Don’t let yourself worry too much about your period. Unwind and let your mind focus on the pool activities. 

What to do when leaks happen

If the time ever comes when you have a menstrual leak, remember that it’s okay and that it happens to everyone.

Here are some helpful steps to take if it happens:

Step 1. Remember to breathe and do your best to remain calm.  

Step 2. Try to exit the pool or your beach area without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Step 3. Find the nearest restroom to contain the situation. You can take care of it by: 

  • Changing into your clothes or spare swimsuit bottoms
  • Putting in a fresh tampon and then adding a wrap or swim shorts to your swimsuit
  • Scrubbing the stain out right then (if that’s a possibility)
  • Ask a friend to borrow a towel, swim cover or tampons if you don’t have any with you 

Step 4. Once the leak is under control and you feel well situated, there’s the option to keep swimming or to leave. It’s up to how you feel about your flow and your comfort level.

Step 5. Take action to prohibit it from happening in the future. 

How to prevent period leaks in bikinis

To avoid an awkward period leak altogether, there are a variety of things you can do. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Be prepared when you go swimming. Unless you are certain you are not going to start your period, bring everything you need just in case you start. This is great security and doesn’t put you in a pinch. 
  • Use leak prevention methods that have been successful for you in the past. Veer away from trying a new method while swimming. That way you are less likely to stain your swimsuit. 
  • Know your body well enough to know how much absorbent material you need. This will help you to be more comfortable while you’re swimming, and stop blood from overflowing.
  • Whatever you are doing to stop a menstrual leak, make sure you are wearing or inserting it correctly. If it is misplaced, blood could get through and create a stain. 

There are several ways to manage a period while wearing a swimsuit, and a variety of preventative measures for leaks. So, even if it’s that time of month, it shouldn’t stop you from going to the beach or the pool and loving the experience.

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