swimwear guide for women with muffin tops

A Complete Guide to Wearing Bathing Suits w/ Muffin Tops

There’s no need to let a muffin top stop you from wearing a swimsuit, especially because There are so many different swimwear styles that will help you look the way you want, you just haven’t found the right ones.

We’ll guide you through how to find the right swimsuit to meet all of your needs, even with a muffin top. 

Muffin tops are the “extra bits” around your waistline 

Have you ever seen a muffin that had bread hanging over its side? Similarly, have you ever seen your stomach hanging over those dreadful low-rise jeans?

If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then you are familiar with the concept of a muffin top. Located on the midsection, a muffin top looks like an extra fat spillover on the stomach, above the waistline. 

Having some fat in the stomach area is normal and even healthy in the right amount. Although this is the case, women tend to view muffin tops negatively and as a reason to refrain from wearing swimsuits or tight clothing. 

Many factors can contribute to having a muffin top, such as the number of calories consumed, physical activity, genes, and lack of rest. Since these factors can affect both men and women, it’s not uncommon for men to have muffin tops as well. However, for a woman having “extra bits” around her waist can be difficult for her to accept, even though a waistline does not determine her overall beauty. 

And guess what? There is no need to feel [insert your word of choice for negative emotions] about your muffin top:

Are muffin tops and love handles the same thing?

Muffin tops and love handles are often referred to as the same thing, but they have some defining differences. 

A muffin top is the abdominal body fat that hangs and spills over tight pants, but love handles are the fatty skin hanging above the hips, instead of the stomach area. So, the main difference between the two is where the fat is on the body. Some ladies feel like muffin tops and love handles are more visible on them than on men.

This is because women tend to wear tighter clothing, creating more exposure for the muffin top. For women, this can be a very frustrating feeling. 

How do you deal with a muffin top in a swimsuit?

Well, there’s the easy way and the hard way.

To lessen or even lose the muffin top completely, exercise and dieting are good choices. Alternatively, the simpler solution is to hide it with swimwear that is designed to flatten and shape the stomach. 

Get rid of them through exercise and a healthy diet

Although cliche, it’s true that nutritious eating habits and physical activity contribute to losing fat. The loss of overall weight helps shrink the muffin top by lessening the waistline.

If you are a sporty person, here’s a complied list of workout vids you can follow:

Hide them or minimize them in swimsuits

Here’s the good news though: with the right style of bathing suits, you can reduce the bulge of the muffin top or even conceal it completely. There are swimsuits designed for “tummy control” to smooth out the belly and swimwear to flatter your particular shape. 

What swimsuit styles to wear if you have a muffin top

Every woman deserves to feel attractive and confident.

You can find a swimsuit that speaks to you, is stylish, and does an excellent job hiding a muffin top. Let’s talk about each style, and what the most slimming colors are for each one. 

One-Piece Swimsuits 

There are many one-piece swimsuits designed to enhance the figure that you already have, amplifying your natural beauty.

For finding the perfect fit, it’s important to know your body, what you’re confident wearing, and find a pattern or design that you love.

Generally, a slimming color scheme for a one-piece with a light-colored top and dark-colored bottom design. This is because it’s normal for brighter colors to attract the eye, so this color placement brings attention away from the stomach.

Some other great designs are ruffles or ruching sewn into the material. These not only divert attention away from the belly but also add personality to your swimsuit. 

Rash Guards 

Rash guard shirts are primarily designed for protection. Ideally, the shirt will shield you against scrapes, UV rays, chafing, and cold water temperature.

Although its main purpose is to guard, this style is still a good option to conceal a muffin top. Choosing the right rash guard style has the potential to create a good-looking figure and fabricate the look you want. With so many color options, you’ll want a shade or pattern that matches your skin tone, making the look complete. 

High Waist Bikini Bottoms 

High Waisted Bikini bottoms are great for making the stomach look even and flat. This style of bikini is very popular, and for good reason: it’s flattering for almost every body type.

They offer about the same amount of fabric cover as a one-piece but have the convenience, style, and sexiness of a two-piece, and they too distract the eye, shifting the focus away from the stomach. 

Tankini Tops 

Tankini is simply a mix of a tank top and a bikini. As another two-piece suit, a flowy tankini top with a matching bottom easily veils a bulge.

The extra coverage can help you feel more secure during water sports, beach play, and relaxing in the sun. Like bikinis, tankinis offer many styles and the ability to mix and match tops and bottoms, which is yet another advantage. 

Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are great for a more modest look, and they offer belly control with excellent bust support. A swim dress has a wide variety of optional features, such as shorts underneath the skirt, sleeves for extra protection, and an underwire for additional assistance.

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